Customization Is One of the Many Reasons Why This South Dakota College Made the Change to Asset Panda

New user, Mount Marty College, seeks to replace a “sloppy” method of asset tracking with Asset Panda.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Improved asset management
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Centrally managed assets
  • IT asset tracking and management
  • Ease of use

Time saved since implementation: approximately 5 minutes a day

Customer since: March 2018

Mount Marty College is a small, Catholic liberal arts college located in southeast South Dakota. The Mount’s faith-based learning community inspires students to develop their strengths and passions personally and professionally.

We are a brand new Asset Panda user. In fact, we just installed the system, so we have lots to learn but are excited to see how it works for and with our asset tracking needs. One of the reasons we decided to implement Asset Panda was because we needed a way to solve the problem of knowing which assets are checked out to as well as a more intuitive way to operate our helpdesk system.

Before Asset Panda, we were using a Google sheet to track assets. It was a very slow process and proved to actually be a sloppy way of keeping track of our assets. There were many times that a computer or other piece of equipment needed to go out ASAP and was not entered into the sheet. We simply couldn’t keep up with what we had and where it was at any given time. In our education-focused environment where so many pieces of equipment are on the move across three different locations in South Dakota, proper asset tracking plays an important role for students, staff, and administration.

One thing I noticed right away when we were in the trial stage of Asset Panda was the customization. I think it has a great base that can be customized to fit the need of most situations we will encounter. Asset Panda will help us in so many ways from work-study students being able to take a picture from their own phone and input data about an asset to cars being checked out by employees – and it’s all done in one central location within Asset Panda. No more guessing about unreliable spreadsheets.

We are really looking forward to using Asset Panda for the process of checking in/checking out cable boxes to our students. This tool will be so beneficial for this once time-consuming process. Students will now have to actually check out the cable box and sign for it and we will know exactly who has which box and when it went out. We will also know when the box is due back and can notify the student that they need to return it by a certain date. This should simplify the process instead of trying to keep up with a worksheet to track who the boxes are signed out to.

Asset Panda is already saving us valuable time in our workdays and I expect will be noticeable to the bottom line as well once we get fully integrated. Our experience with support has been great, too! I would highly recommend Asset Panda to anyone looking to track and manage their assets.

– Chris Dohma, System Administrator

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