How Electrical Contractors Benefit from Asset Tracking

Brooks Berry Haynie & Associates (BBH) is an electrical contracting firm based in Georgia. Since 1953, BBH has worked on electrical jobs and utilities for both civil and commercial/industrial projects, ranging in scope from traffic signal installations to airfield lighting and navigation systems.

In my day-to-day job as a one-person IT department, Asset Panda does the legwork of keeping track of my assets for me. Prior to incorporating Asset Panda’s into my available resources, keeping track of asset’s locations, maintenance schedules, refresh schedules, performed tasks, valuation, and installed software involved several Excel files, printouts, and purchase invoices. Being able to access all that information and much more with a quick scan of a barcode has been an immeasurable help to me.

My experience with the software has been nothing but positive. It is easy to use, intuitively structured, and exceptionally customizable. Out of the box, it has all the features and fields needed to take control of a sizeable inventory. But with some very easy to make customizations, which Asset Panda customer service was more than happy and qualified to help me make, it can handle any inventory and reporting needs I have. Plus, both the mobile and online apps work very well independently to handle my day-to-day needs, but together they are extremely powerful.

I have found the group-specific calendars to be beyond useful. They have made keeping up with a revolving maintenance and refresh cycle as easy as clicking the tab. Calendars with future and recurring dates are not a new thing, but having those calendars apply to any new item I add to Asset Panda and having the full breakout of what that item is and where it’s been available from within that calendar is new to me and already irreplaceable. Being able to create separate calendars with separate maintenance, refresh, and even just check in schedules for different classes of assets is easy and has helped me beyond just being an inventory control system.

For me, the bottom line with asset management is ensuring that assets don’t go missing, don’t break due to lack of maintenance, and have a record of work performed to gauge when those assets are past the point of cost effectiveness. Asset Panda handles all those tasks with aplomb and as a bonus saves me time and frustration in doing all of them.

Additionally, I can’t say that I’ve had a better customer service/support experience than I’ve had with Asset Panda. From the initial sales calls to the final handoff of a live system, every person I talked and worked with reinforced my confidence that signing up with Asset Panda was the right choice. All the things I hope for in dealing with customer service/support people felt like a given rather than a hope with Asset Panda. I didn’t have to push for details, imagine scenarios, guess at how my environment would work within Asset Panda; they did all of that for me with a level of expertise and experience I haven’t come across often in my job. I never had a question they couldn’t answer, a situation they hadn’t dealt with, or a concern they couldn’t offer a solution for. On top of that, they have always been very easy to talk with—excellent at communication—which I am more appreciative of than I can express.

I absolutely would recommend Asset Panda to another business that is looking to move their asset management—whether it be IT, fleet, or another type—away from Word, Excel, paper documents, or a hard-to-use, inflexible system. Asset Panda puts all your asset information, service calendars, reports, work and location histories in the same place, accessible on almost, if not every device with a data connection 24/7. It’s easy to set up, exceptionally customizable, easy to learn/use, and has a top-notch support team available to help you should you need it.

- Tim Brennan, IT Manager

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