Healthcare Companies Depend on Asset Panda to Facilitate Asset Lifecycle Management

Established over 25 years ago, Gastroenterology Consultants is the largest gastroenterology practice in Northern Nevada. A team of board certified physicians and their administrative staff are dedicated to the treatment of liver and digestive diseases.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Improved Asset Tracking & Management
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Flexibility
  • Customization
  • Time & financial savings
  • Alerts to hardware changes/updates
  • Centralized data

Customer since: August 2015

In the field of healthcare, having working equipment in optimal condition at all times is a must. If equipment isn’t functioning, then we aren’t able to provide the care our patients' lives depend on. When I started with the company, there was no tracking whatsoever of the assets we were using to treat our patients. We had no real idea what equipment we had, where our assets were at any given time, and their condition.

My eyes were further opened to the need for a proper asset tracking and management platform when I conducted an audit for the first time using an Excel spreadsheet. That brought to light how many old machines we had in production. Machines were literally dying while in use because we were not keeping them up to date. When they began to fail or become in need of updating/repair or complete replacement, we were left scrambling to try and stand up some old, unreliable replacement until the new machine arrived.

Asset Panda has changed all of that. It has dramatically reduced the downtime from the sudden death of a system, and now has made our equipment and the processes by which we keep up with it more reliable. Our assets are located across 4 cities and 5 different locations, so being able to know where these expensive pieces of equipment are and that they are in good working condition is vital information that needs to be accessible by all who utilize them.

There are many features of Asset Panda that have dramatically changed the way we track assets within the organization. I love the ability to make Asset Panda my own. I was able to import the large majority of data on our machines into the system from our outdated Excel document to Asset Panda without issues. The flexibility and customization allowed me to easily add/change the original setup as I discovered what it could do. I am also a huge fan of the reporting feature. It is so nice to be able to easily configure different reports for different purposes. I automated a change report that gets mailed out on a scheduled basis to the accounting department so it keeps them abreast of any changes in hardware.

I believe Asset Panda has saved us money by allowing the accounting department to remove assets they are paying taxes on. It has also allowed us to budget better, knowing how many machines will need to be replaced in the coming year. I am saving around an hour of time each day that would be spent trying to track down assets or troubleshooting IT/maintenance issues that were not noted in our old Excel spreadsheets.

Asset Panda is top notch … and I could not have asked for anything better!

-Peter Murray, IT Programs Analyst

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