Tracking On the Go
Asset Panda's Mobile App Navigation 101

Mobile Tracking Tips To Save You Valuable Time 

The Asset Panda mobile app gives you the freedom to track assets wherever you are by running your company’s workflow actions directly from your mobile device. Join our experts, Krista Lugo and Alex Schleimer, as they walk you through the user-friendly Asset Panda mobile app and offer insight on utilizing its time-saving features. Learn how to:

  • Pilot Asset Panda’s mobile app with efficiency
  • Utilize handy features like our built-in barcode scanner
  • Quickly add assets, conduct audits and update data on the go
  • Stay in the loop by accessing downloadable reports at your fingertips

    Krista Lugo
    Operations Manager, Asset Panda

    Krista is one of the senior-most members of the Asset Panda team, currently serving the organization as Operations Manager. She has developed a passion for operational strategy via KPI management, streamlined processes, implementation of automation systems, and scaling the organization through optimization & efficiency. When she isn't attempting to help take the company to new heights, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, playing golf, cooking, and a good glass of wine.

    Alex Schleimer
    Sales Manager, Asset Panda

    Alex has served as the Sales Manager for Asset Panda for the past four years and has been involved in the asset tracking space for nearly a decade. He has a passion for helping schools streamline their asset processes so they can spend more time educating and less time searching for misplaced equipment.

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