Why Cloud-Based
Asset Management Is Vital
for Business Safety and Efficiency

When you think about today’s progressive businesses, these brands are usually quite easy to distinguish from their aging counterparts. Many modern-day companies, for example, have done away with the idea of paper receipts and opted for email versions instead. These same businesses are often the ones using devices like mobile phones and tablets over traditional cash registers and other point-of-sale machines to conduct transactions, manage cash flow, and send email receipts.

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But despite existing in the 21st century, many businesses which would like to consider themselves forward-thinking often share one crucial — and detrimental — problem with their supposedly less-advanced competitors: outdated methods of asset management. No matter how technologically-savvy some businesses might be, plenty of them still keep track of their assets, data, inventory, and important items using old-fashioned practices, such as manually entering data in spreadsheets and utilizing separate QR or barcode readers to scan inventory.