Help Your Employees Save Time by Using Office Inventory Software

Help Your Employees Save Time by Using Office Inventory SoftwareEven if your company doesn’t rely on product sales to bring in income, your office requires an arsenal of tools to keep working throughout the day. Using office inventory software is a great way to cut down on the time your administrative tasks take and to give your employees more hours to work on client projects.

Here are a few ways of relying on software to manage your office will give your company back some time.

Keep Your Office Stocked With the Supplies You Need

Does it seem like you’re always running out of paper or don’t have enough pens for everyone to use? Keeping track of these items is a great way to ensure that you never run out of what you need, and avoid last-minute supply runs that cut into work time.


“Your inventory solution is a great place to track all this equipment and make sure it stays up to date and operational.”


Use Office Inventory Software to Track Larger Items

Office inventory software isn’t just for office supplies. To give your team a great workspace, you need desks, computers, and chairs. Your inventory solution is a great place to track all this equipment and make sure it stays up to date and operational. You can even track software licenses and make sure everyone can access the programs they need to assist your clients.

Store Statistics and Performance Data Alongside Inventory Information

Employee performance is also a great asset to your company. Your team’s skills make up the backbone of your business and help clients feel like their needs are met. Along with keeping track of your office supplies and furniture, you can track employee performance over time. This is a great way to see who is doing well and what actions are directly impacting your company’s success. With this information, you can provide rewards and incentives to promote productive behavior.

Put Company Data in One Central Database

Trying to keep track of your business information in separate software programs can create confusion and waste valuable time. If members of your team don’t know where certain records are stored, they might spend hours trying to locate it. Putting all your company information in one database means your company can see exactly what actions create which outcomes, and plan for future success.

Asset Panda understands that time is just as valuable as money. In fact, in some cases, it is more valuable because it is not a renewable resource. You need to be sure company time is being used effectively.Tracking office supply levels and employee performance through an office inventory software is a great way to get your time back and promote company-wide success.

Our highly-customizable platform makes it easy to centralize your data, as additional field options allow you to keep track of any information relevant to the way your business operates.

One of our clients is a local police department that uses our program to track the items they rely on to keep them safe in the field. Before using Asset Panda, they used spreadsheets and found the process to be inefficient. After switching to our program, they were able to save time and make sure their items were compliant and met with audit requirements.

Want to see how Asset Panda can benefit your company’s office environment? Take a free guided tour today!


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