Boost your efficiency

Bring operations into a centralized system that supports better productivity and compliance

Cut down on costs

Make better decisions about managing buildings and assets with up-to-date data

Get full lifecycle information and reporting for visibility into cost, repairs, and replacement frequency. Ensure that you get the most out of your equipment now and in the future.

Provide better support

Lead employees to one platform for submitting request tickets and managing equipment

Enable everyone to get service with a simple barcode scan from the smartphone they already carry. Provide real-time feedback to keep everyone in the loop and on track.

Improve compliance

Mirror existing processes and enforce them with signature capture and actions you configure

Set notifications for fire extinguisher inspection, provide easy access to safety manuals, and easily attach photos to stay informed of potential problems.

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Streamlined Facilities Management for CHG

“We have different categories of assets: soft furniture, hard furniture, appliances...With each one of those, I can customize which fields come up that I need to enter data into. We were able to customize who the vendor is to contact for repairs based on what type of asset it is.”

Chris Loving

Facilities Manager II

Delivering Accurate Reports for Clients at NEXClean

“We are providing reports at the end of every service, tracking thousands of different pieces of equipment and giving our customers the reports of what we cleaned, when we cleaned it, and most importantly where it was cleaned in the facility.”

Dan Nestor


Useful features for facilities management

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