Sorting Out Warehouse Tools

By July 31, 2013Asset Tracking, Blog

Depending on the size of your warehouse, you could have dozens of forklifts, hundreds of pallet trucks, and thousands of hand tools. Even after your company has dealt with the purchase expenses, these assets still require significant funds to maintain. Without the property inventory management plan, you or your warehouse manager will soon find that these items are a drain on your organization’s budget.

Cutting Down on Waste

With Asset Panda, you can promote efficiency by keeping everyone up to speed with the latest information. Multiple users can enter and edit the mobile database, giving them direct access to notes and records of repairs, upcoming maintenance, and prior problems. A strong inventory tracking system can also help you avoid unnecessary replacement. If you have good info on when something needs to be fixed, or if an item has a reoccurring issue, you can make a smart decision by bringing in a new asset. Without a clear picture created by the Asset Panda tool, you may slowly funnel funds into an asset that simply isn’t worth the costs.

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