Staying on Top of School Tech Supplies

By October 26, 2013Asset Tracking, Blog

The days of a dusty old school room with chalkboards, pencils, and paper are fading into obscurity fast. According to The Digital Shift, the online arm of the academic publication “School Library Journal,” schools like Burlington High in Boston, Mass. are making the shift to advanced learning on iPads and other hi-tech devices. Even kindergartners in Auburn, Maine are incorporating these tablets into their daily learning. If your school system is preparing to make the switch, or already has tablets in the classroom, your old spreadsheet just doesn’t have the power and functionality to keep up with the advanced asset tracking required to protect these costly investments.

A Simple Solution

So what can you do to ensure iPads and other expensive devices are protected and catalogued? Make the switch to Asset Panda. With this simple app, you can build a mobile database that covers your entire inventory, giving you instant access to purchase prices, prior repairs, and replacement values. When it comes to fixed asset management, having this info on the go is vital to making smart, fast, and efficient decisions. Try doing the same thing with a bulky desktop that sits in a single room and you will find out fast just how valuable this type of convenience can be when handling a fleet of tech assets for your school.

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