With Assets Constantly on the Move, Ace Avant Concrete Construction Co. Needed A Proven Method to Keep Up With Their Equipment

Ace Avant Concrete Construction Co. had no system to track assets … and then they discovered Asset Panda.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Check in/check out status
• Role-based settings
• Unlimited custom fields
• Unlimited actions
• Customization of mobile app from the web
• Inventory management

Customer since: February 2017

Headquartered in North Carolina, Ace Avant Concrete Construction Co. offers complete site and concrete construction services, starting a job with raw land and carrying it through to a completed concrete structure. We have cultivated many valuable relationships over the past 25 years due in part to our broad knowledge and team approach which allows us to custom tailor solutions to fit any job requirement.

Our team is comprised of more than 300 employees, allowing us to develop specialized crews and deliver quality jobs on schedule. That being said, tracking our large construction assets should be a top priority. Unfortunately, before discovering Asset Panda, we had no system in place to track our equipment. We were faced with the constant challenge of losing assets due to the continuous transportation of equipment from job site to job site.

Asset Panda has definitely impacted our business in a very positive way. We have started to implement a more structural way of handling our equipment and tools and have an up-to-date, real-time knowledge of what we have and where it is located. The customization of the software specifically for our needs is very important. We can pull customized, detailed reports on any piece of equipment in the system from its check in/check out status to a complete maintenance history. It’s increasing accountability and financial responsibility among our team now that we have a true and accurate knowledge of our assets and how they are being used.

The mobile capabilities of Asset Panda have also proven to be valuable. In our line of business, many of our employees are out in the field on various job sites and need instant access to information on various pieces of equipment. The convenience of faster boot up of an app compared to logging into a website or having to find a computer to plug into has been a game changer. Our employees have access to all the needed information right from their own devices. The mobile features also save our employees valuable time that would normally be spent searching for assets or calling the office to see where a piece of equipment is or when it’s coming back.

And speaking of time, we’ve determined that Asset Panda is saving our employees approximately two hours per day towards their tracking efforts. In an industry such as ours where we rely heavily on our assets and timing is critical for both us and the client, Asset Panda has proven itself to be the asset tracking tool we needed.

– Ricardo Hernandez, IT Technician


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