Boss Panda of the Month: Ruby, Customer Advocate Specialist

By March 17, 2018About Us



Customer Advocate Specialist

Right from the start, I was given a chance to create my own system of helping clients succeed. I was able to help build the retention team and its systems and processes. What I like most about my job is the environment. Coming to work is FUN. Not to say everyone does not work their butt off ’cause they do. It makes for a fun environment where every person has to work together in some way.

One of the most memorable experiences I had was during one of our quarterly meetings, we played rock, paper, scissors as an icebreaker. Playing a game before a meeting was mind-blowing and awesome. After I’ve beaten a few people, I ended up being one of the last players standing. Even though no one really knew who I was, people were cheering for me! That was the first time I felt part of the Asset Panda Team. It was awesome. I ended up losing but I have been training my mind for the next game ever since!

Being Boss Panda of the Month was rewarding. We all work hard here as a team and put in tons of effort daily, so to have management recognize that is a motivation to all of us!


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