Easy Asset Management for your Hospital

By September 5, 2013Asset Tracking, Blog

For hospital administrators and facilities management professionals, you have a lot of items to look after and many of them can be mobile. These specialized items can be worth millions of dollars. Without a proper system for asset management and tracking, you are putting your diagnostic, medical imaging and other everyday items at risk. Taking a moment to consider the best plan for protection can help you avoid unnecessary replacements and repairs in the future.

Keeping Track of Your Equipment

In the course of a busy day, you can literally use hundreds of different equipment. But have you ever thought about how to properly track and record these items? With Asset Panda, you can stay on top of new additions and replacements with ease. Reviewing this asset inventory system from your phone/tablet can help you make be sure of what you have, where it is and what condition it is in. Also, you will have the entire history of that piece of equipment at your finger tips at a moment’s notice. Asset Panda typically saves a Healthcare facility 2-5% of the total value of their assets by reducing taxes on Ghost assets, theft reduction and loss prevention.

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