IT Asset Inventory Software Goes Beyond Simple Tracking

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IT Asset Inventory Software Goes Beyond Simple TrackingThe IT department is probably the busiest department for most companies. They keep all of the most important components that are used on a daily basis running and operational. They are also responsible for knowing what tools and equipment are in use, where they are at any given time, and their working condition. For such an important responsibility, it’s even more crucial that they have an IT asset inventory software that can aid them in the important task of tracking IT assets.

IT asset inventory software allows companies to accurately and securely track up to the minute details about assets of all types.  Having access to this data enables employees to know the instant status of any asset – day or night.  This knowledge helps not just the IT department keep up with a company’s IT assets but makes employees more accountable as well by helping promote regular maintenance, preventing unnecessary repairs and other expenses – keeping company IT assets in good working order.


“Having access to this data enables employees to know the instant status of any asset – day or night.”


Think about it – when a computer or phone goes out of service, you almost feel lost until it is replaced or fixed. IT asset inventory software aids businesses of all sizes in ensuring that equipment is regularly maintained, serviced and repaired. Accidents happen and equipment will have to go out of service unexpectedly. But when you have all of your equipment logged in an IT asset inventory software system, you can keep up with repairs, maintenance dates, and even software upgrades, ensuring that all equipment is up to date and ready for use. You even know if you have replacement equipment to stand-in for anything that has to go out of service.

Bottom line … failure to keep equipment and machines on a regular service schedule can be extremely expensive, turning unnecessary minor repairs into complete overhauls or worse, replacement.

IT asset inventory software goes beyond just tracking asset location and maintenance histories. Here are some more benefits of the software:

  • When employees have the responsibility to be more accountable for what assets they are using, they are better organized and more efficient.
  • The company as a whole saves time, considerable frustration and money when they don’t have to hunt down the whereabouts of their expensive equipment and determining its condition.
  • Reporting is a breeze. Employees are able to create custom, automated reports to print or email to stakeholders, address any outside questions or concerns,
  • As clients build up a custom database of IT assets in their inventory, employees begin to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the organization’s assets, which can eliminate simple inquiries and requests and replace them with faster, more informed responses.

Asset Panda gives organizations large and small a comprehensive, lifecycle view of their vital IT assets. Completely customizable, Asset Panda is not just incredibly powerful, it’s also very simple to use. Clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users and may add specific details in their custom entries, like repair and replacement costs, current condition and administrative information. The depth of this information empowers companies to make better, more informed decisions, eliminate guesswork and costly errors, and eliminate wasteful spending.

Asset Panda is available via free mobile apps and on the web and syncs with the cloud, offering users a safe and secure central location to track and manage all their assets. Our IT asset inventory software comes with all-inclusive tracking features like check in/out; scheduling of routine maintenance; tracking by location, category, owner, serial or model number; ability to track non-traditional assets; custom electronic signature; custom notifications; open API; tracking and monitoring the availability of equipment; and scheduling of testing and maintenance of parts/equipment replacements.

Asset Panda strives to empower organizations and the companies they serve to track their vital IT assets exactly how they want. To learn more, contact Asset Panda at www.assetpanda.comand start your free 14-day trial today.


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