4 Reasons Your Construction Firm Needs Parts Tracking Software

4 Reasons Your Construction Firm Needs Parts Tracking SoftwareAs a construction firm, you rely on dozens of machines and equipment to successfully conduct client jobs. But with all of the individual parts these machines have, it’s very likely one of them will break at any given moment out in the field, especially if they haven’t been maintained properly. So what are you supposed to do? Simple: use parts tracking software.

This type of software is basically necessary to help make sure your machinery keeps functioning properly, that you only order the parts you actually need, and that your team saves time and stays safe. Here’s how parts tracking software does all that:

Relying on Asset Tracking Software Helps Keep Your Workplace Safe

Your workers assume that the equipment and machinery they are using is safe and meets all required specifications. However, if you aren’t keeping a running tally of all of the parts in each of your construction vehicles, you have no way of knowing if your machines are safe for use. This could lead to lawsuits or worker’s compensation, should anything happen to your workers. However, by keeping track of the status of each part of your fleet vehicles, you can rest assured that your workers won’t be in danger from faulty machinery.


“Keeping a digital record makes it easy for everyone on the team to see what’s going on.”


Utilizing Parts Tracking Software Makes it Easy to Keep up With Maintenance

In order to keep working, your equipment and machines need to be scheduled for regular maintenance. Day-to-day use starts to wear on your assets, and the more you work, the more likely it is something could go wrong. However, parts tracking software makes it easy for you to schedule maintenance ahead of time. Preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your employees safe.

Implementing a Software-Based Asset System Gives Your Team More Time

Your employees shouldn’t have to guess as to the state of your equipment. Software tracking makes it easy for them to see which vehicles are in working order in a hurry, so they can pick one and get to work. They’ll also be able to locate any parts they need to bring along to the job site.

Digitizing Your Asset Tracking System Saves You Money

Fleet vehicles can get expensive fast. If you start buying things you don’t need or end up replacing parts frequently without tracking it, you won’t have any idea that you’re spending unnecessarily. Keeping a digital record makes it easy for everyone on the team to see what’s going on, which makes it more likely that they will catch any errors within the system.


Asset Panda understands the importance of safety when it comes to your workplace. We know your workers depend on you to keep them safe. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use, flexible software which will help you track all of your moving parts. Our platform makes it easy for you to track everything associated with your equipment, from individual screws to consoles and other vehicle components.

Your time is valuable, and scheduling maintenance for each of your vehicles can be tricky. Our cloud-based platform will help you see when each vehicle was last sent in for repairs and what was done. You’ll also be able to track usage history, and can set up notifications when each item reaches a certain threshold.

One of our clients uses Asset Panda to provide wireless communications to off-shore vessels. Our system makes it easy for them to collect work order tickets and see which components need to be gathered. They also can track the movement of all of the shipped items at the same time, to make sure their clients get what they need.

Want to see how Asset Panda’s tracking software can help your team stay safe? Sign up for a free 14-day trial today!


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