Asset Panda Introduces New Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Asset Panda aims to help companies streamline onboarding efforts while protecting data integrity with its latest integration

Jun 16, 2021, Frisco, Texas - As part of its continued product evolution and efforts to simplify the complex world of asset management, Asset Panda launched its newest integration today with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The SaaS company aims to help clients expedite the employee data migration process and streamline user permissions during initial setup and beyond.

“This is the first of many new integrations we intend to offer our clients as part of our ongoing commitment to help organizations around the world work smarter,” said Rex Kurzius, CEO of Asset Panda. 

Azure AD administrators who are also Asset Panda administrators can now quickly sync their Azure AD employees to Asset Panda as users or into an “Employees” group. They can then assign Asset Panda user templates in bulk, giving users easy access to their assignments and workflows. 

“User adoption is fundamental to an organization’s long-term success with any software solution, yet it is one of the biggest challenges they face when implementing new software and onboarding new employees,” explained Kurzius. “We are confident this integration will help the organizations that store their employee data in Azure AD get their users up to speed.” 

Asset Panda’s Azure AD integration is equipped with a simple field mapping configuration tool that enables administrators to sync standard Azure AD fields like “Name”, “Email Address” and “ID Numbers” with Asset Panda’s group fields. Once the two systems are connected, any changes made in Azure AD will automatically be updated in Asset Panda which ultimately simplifies data management, prevents duplicate work and preserves data integrity. 

The annual cost of this new integration is $108 billed annually (or $9/month billed annually) is only available to Asset Panda clients. Learn more about Asset Panda’s integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

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About Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service (IDaaS), which helps employees access and engage with internal and external users and resources more securely.