Asset Management is Every Job Site Worker’s Responsibility: Empower Your Team with Tool Tracking


Pop quiz: Who’s responsible for the tools and equipment at your construction site?

If you answered everyone, then you are 100% correct! Why put all the pressure of tracking and managing all of your assets on one or two people back at the office?

Asset management is a job that everyone can help with.

All you need to do is give your people in the field the ability to contribute.

Giving your team members the freedom to manage their own assets is empowering. Doing so will create a more productive and efficient job site.

Access Your Tools in the Palm of Your Hand with Mobile Asset Management

Dusty ledgers and outdated spreadsheets have no place in modern asset management. To be efficient in today’s construction industry, you need access to your asset inventory on the job site no matter where that may be.

For heavier equipment, you need to know:

  • How much mileage is on it?
  • When was the last inspection?
  • When is the next service maintenance scheduled?
  • Is it available for use?

With a mobile asset management solution like Asset Panda, anyone on site can scan the equipment’s barcode to learn everything they need to know about the asset in a matter of seconds instead of waiting on office staff to find and relay the information.

The Construction Tools You Need, When You Need Them - All You Need is Asset Panda

Each construction job has its own unique set of challenges. Oftentimes, that means you need specific tools to get the job done. You don’t have time to wait for someone in the office to flip through their books or scroll through a spreadsheet to see if they have it or if it’s even available. You need it on site now or you lose valuable productivity time.

Asset Panda can empower your on-site teams to determine the tools they need and enable them to request them when they need them. Just pull up the mobile app, select what they need from the inventory list and put in a request for the asset.

Whether you have to send someone to pick it up or the home office delivers it to you, this kind of access means you can get back to work faster so you can finish the job on time and within budget.

Instant Tool Inventory Audits for Transparency and Efficiency

Asset audits are easier and more efficient when you have more users available to scan equipment. With updates input directly from your teams in the field, you’ll see the whole picture every time an asset is scanned.

By keeping an up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate asset inventory database that anyone on your team can access, asset management solutions empower your on-site crews to keep your projects organized and on track.

Ensure Safety is Your Number One Priority with an Asset Management Solution

Like any machine, construction equipment requires routine maintenance, inspection and repairs. Unlimited user access means your employees can check the status of equipment to ensure it’s safe to use.

This level of transparency and accountability gives your people the ability to confirm the safety and readiness of the equipment they’re using, preventing accidents and litigation, while protecting your reputation.

It also creates a level of trust and responsibility in your people that improves company morale and personal investment in the work they do.

Are you ready to see how Asset Panda can help your on-site workers manage their tools and equipment more efficiently? Request your live demo today.

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