How to Choose Effective Barcode Inventory Tracking Software

When you have a lot of inventory to track, you need a system that makes it easy to scan your barcodes and get back to work. But how do you know what to look for in a barcode inventory tracking software? Here is a review of some features you'll want include in your program.

Supports Multiple Users

If you're looking into using an inventory tracking software, it's likely that you have multiple people who need to access your records. One person can make a spreadsheet work, but when you have several employees accessing and updating inventory information, having a system with only one point of access can get messy fast.  You'll want a program that allows multiple accounts to connect and edit your inventory database.

Uses the Cloud to Store Data

Unless your inventory only takes up a small amount of space, you'll need to access your records from multiple locations. Having your inventory records stored on a single machine makes it difficult for you to keep your data current. Using the cloud allows you and your employees to update and access inventory information from any location. Whether you're out on a business trip and need to see what's going on back at the office, or your employees are out in the field and need to update current records, you'll be able to get into your inventory records from anywhere.

Schedules Maintenance Times

Along with your inventory, it's likely that you have assets and equipment that help you maintain your inventory. These tools need to be maintained on a regular basis in order to keep your business working at maximum efficiency. Using robust barcode inventory tracking software, you can access information about which pieces of equipment are used more often and what times they are used in order to figure out which time will be least disruptive to your work flow.

Allows Multiple Configurations

No two companies function the same way. Even companies which provide similar products and services don't work in the same way as their competitors. Team culture and managers dictate how work flow will be set up, and your specific services will change what features you need. Software that allows for multiple configurations will make it easy for you to set up your database in a way that benefits your company. You won't have to stick with a setup that seems counter intuitive, and you can get back to work in no time.

Sends Notifications For Any Activity

When something changes in your inventory, you need to know about it. While your employees do their best to keep things accurate, knowing what's going on in your company will help you in several ways. The right tracking software will send you notifications when things change in your inventory. You'll know what is happening on the floor as it is happening, and can store data about the kinds of products your company tends to sell a lot of. You'll also be able to prevent issues from becoming catastrophic by catching mistakes before they hit production.

Asset Panda comes with all of these features and more. We know that you need a barcode inventory tracking software that saves you time and works around your business, instead of having to adjust to a new program and spend a lot of time training your employees. Our platform supports an unlimited amount of users and stores your information securely on a cloud database.

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