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Asset Panda is a fantastic barcode scanner app. The platform runs on both IOS and Android. Our barcode scanner app is simple and easy to use. Best of all, it is imbedded in the asset tracking platform itself.   You can see several barcode scanning fields configured in the native configuration. However, if you dig deeper you can see that the Asset Panda barcode scanner app allows you to create your own barcode scanner fields anywhere in the tool you would like. This feature is particularly helpful when re-creating your custom process within Asset Panda. Our tool will adapt to the way that you work so you do not have to change. The barcode scanner app was created to work in a high availability environment and designed to be dependable. The app uses the auto focus feature on smart phones and eliminated the need to buy or carry around expensive third party scanners. You now have the ability to get the full function of a traditional hardware scanner on the device your employees all ready carry. All they need to do is download the app for free at the App Store or Google Play. You will need to set an account for the user in our secure role based user-tracking platform located on the web portal at In the portal you have the ability to limit what each user can see down to Location, area within a location, and event down to the items you want them to see. Each configuration can be different giving the user access to only the information they need to see and access. In order to find a barcode scanner app that is right for you we recommend documenting the process that your people use to do their work each day. Then map those processes to a platform that can emulate them on a mobile device. Once you do that roll out is simple. Just download the barcode scanner app and follow the same process you do each day. In summary, the Asset Panda barcode scanner app is a fantastic way to leverage the power of the mobile devices your employees carry. No longer buy expensive hardware scanners that are cumbersome. Go to and create an account. Next, download the free mobile app and you are ready to track, manage and support your assets with one of the most robust barcode scanner apps it the world. Get started today!


Rex Kurzius

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