Calibration Among Benefits of Tool Management Software


Tool management software helps tool and equipment rental companies raise the bar on their efficiency and accuracy through the realization of numerous benefits, including calibration.

No two ways about it: Over time, tools begin to break down and become less precise instruments of measurement. The problem is, it’s sometimes difficult to notice that breakdown, as it occurs over time and may not be immediately obvious. Meanwhile, the tool and equipment companies that rent these tools may be unaware that those tools aren’t displaying accurate results, and their clients who rent the tools may be similarly unaware. Tool and equipment companies have a responsibility to routinely calibrate the instruments they rent to clients.

Defining Calibration

Calibration is a process that uses standard measures that are known to be accurate to test the accuracy of a measuring tool. For example, you might use a digital caliper to measure an object of a known size to determine if the caliper is returning an accurate result. Calibration Management Software (or CMS) “is software designed to schedule the calibration of instrumentation and maintenance requirements in all types of industrial settings,” according to TechTarget, a global provider of marketing and sales services.

One of the best examples for illustrating why calibration is so important in the food industry. Consider the issue of food safety, which relies upon food being kept within specific temperature ranges. If the temperature gauge in a walk-in cooler is reading incorrectly and the temperature of the poultry inside the cooler falls out of the safe range, customers could fall seriously ill. This is a violation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP), which were created to identify and manage food safety risks and protect the public. The restaurant in question is likely to be closed down temporarily or even permanently, its reputation will be tarnished, and it may face legal action.

Tool Management Software: The Benefits

The costs associated with investing in tool management software seem insignificant when considering the potential ramifications of poorly maintained instruments. Tool management software saves tool and equipment companies time and money and keeps their customers satisfied.

While some companies rely on spreadsheets and manual calendar entries to monitor calibration schedules, this can be a tedious process and may open the door to mistakes, as data must be keyed in by hand. Tool management software helps companies stay on top of calibration schedules via custom reminders. The software also houses data covering the entire lifecycle of those tools, so employees only need to go to one location to access a tool’s calibration history, maintenance history, work orders, depreciation and other pertinent details.

As Trade Skills 4U points out, "There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ as every instrument will have a different calibration frequency requirement..." Every tool you own may have a different recommendation on how often you should calibrate your equipment. They recommend many different methods of determining your calibration frequency, including "Manufacturers’ recommendation," "Before you start a major critical measuring project," "After an accident/event," "Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually," and several other timelines. Those different timelines can quickly become impossible to keep track of without a system in place.

The best tool management software is accessible through mobile technology – the smartphones and tablets employees already carry. Asset Panda offers a best-in-class solution to tool management and calibration, with a completely customizable, intuitive platform that enables companies to add as many users as they’d like and track their tools and equipment any way they want. Asset Panda also syncs with the cloud, so your data is always in real time.

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