Fire Tracking Software Utilizing Asset Panda

We rely on the fire department to be prepared when we need them no matter the scenario -- a medical emergency, a vehicle accident, a structure fire or even a natural disaster.  It’s of utmost importance for the public’s safety, as well as the firefighters safety, that their equipment works and their supplies are current. Assets available to fire departments and their crews can mean the difference between life and death, and so having the most accurate fire tracking software to keep up-to-date track of the assets, both fixed and physical, is key across all fire departments.

City government and its citizens recognize the need for first responders to be prepared to take action immediately when a call comes in. Firefighters need to have confidence that their personal equipment is stored close at hand and able to withstand whatever forces it comes into contact with. Crews need to ensure on a daily basis that all station apparatus are fully stocked and equipment is accounted for.

Asset Panda’s fire tracking software features a highly configurable platform which is a cost effective solution allowing firefighters and administrative personnel to customize and define information fields that are pertinent to their particular work. Data is secured access parameters and can be limited to areas such as storage rooms, vehicles, fire stations, ambulances, clinics, shelters, and the like. Asset Panda can also provide quick and immediate access to critical information about such items as medical equipment, medication, defibrillators, and even power tools.

In the past, fire departments had to update their assets’ values using time consuming ledgers and spreadsheets. Asset Panda has changed all of that. Whether online or through our free Mobile App, our intuitive interface makes it easy to work from anywhere, on devices you’re already using with no need to purchase additional expensive hardware. That means everyone in your station or department can access the most current information about your assets—in the right way and at the right time. With a powerful suite of features, Asset Panda is simple to use and completely customizable. Create custom fields, notifications and reports, even issue work orders through the app. Asset Panda can display vital data as check-in/check-out status, maintenance schedules, purchase/lease information, service contract information and expiration dates and insurance policy information and expiration dates.

With unlimited fields and configurability, Asset Panda goes beyond simple inventory, changing as the department’s needs change so that it’s always the perfect platform to meet goals or solve problems about any number of assets. Fire departments or individual stations can:
  • Compile a comprehensive directory of all vital equipment
  • Look up the complete history of equipment
  • Track assets by specific vendor
  • Notify maintenance of lease expirations
  • Schedule routine maintenance
  • Maintain, manage and preserve medical stock
  • Centralize material management across fire stations and ambulances
  • Eliminate duplicated data entry errors between firefighters and medical staff
  • Run advanced reports to quickly determine which products are needed at each fire station or in an ambulance

One of the most important results of implementing an established fire tracking software like Asset Panda is in the significant time and cost savings. There are no more lost items because after they’ve been entered, you can look up these components and find their locations immediately. Eliminate guesswork from repair and replacement decision-making. Departments will also see a reduction in taxes, potential savings on property insurance, reduced asset losses, faster audits, and more accurate reporting.

For every firefighter who puts his or her life on the line, there is a plethora of equipment, tools and devices to help them deliver the best in care to those in need. Asset Panda provides that critical support in keeping track of those life-saving tools so they don’t go missing or fail in times of need. See for yourself why clients of every size and industry sector have chosen Asset Panda to help them manage their vital assets – and realize savings of both time and money. Visit for additional information, and to begin your free 14-day trial.

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