Promoting Asset Management Systems in Government

The words "government" and "spending" seem to go hand in hand and denote quite a few negative emotions among the public. However, anyone that works for a federal, state, or local branch knows that the government walks a tight rope in regards to balancing assets and spending taxpayer money wisely. With the recent budget debates and government shutdown, times are definitely tight at federal offices and outposts throughout the country. However, this doesn't mean that you are out of options in regards to handling your asset issues.

Understanding the Status Quo

Before jumping into the answers, let's take a look at some asset tracking questions and issues you might currently struggle with in your daily routine. To start, assets are everywhere in your office. Regardless of your views on management bloat and budget crunches, your office probably has numerous pieces of specialized equipment and supplies that are vital to your everyday proceedings. From printers and copy machines to labelers and laptops, these assets constantly move around the building and face potential misplacement and damage constantly.

While the problem of having myriad tools and equipment in the hands of multiple employees daily is tough, the fact that you probably work under a tight budget is even worse. With budget concerns crippling every level of the government, constantly repairing and replacing these items is simply not an option. While you can't rely on help from higher levels, you still have some options to ease the strain of tight funds.

A Better Approach

To make the most of a tough situation, consider a fixed asset management approach. Under this concept, your workplace utilizes a unified and accessible database to handle and answer any problems or questions related to fixed assets throughout the building. This database should cover all of the vital components of your workplace, while also giving you the ability to add in details on individual equipment as needed. Instead of relying on guesswork and estimations, you can make smart decisions based around cold, hard facts and numbers.

The Asset Panda Advantage

With Asset Panda, you can do all of this, and so much more. To start, this app offers instant access from your tablet or smartphone, while also maintaining the same information on the web-based client. From here, you and your fellow workers can add in custom entries for all of the assets in the office. Purchase values, prior repairs, replacement information, and even serial numbers can keep you on top of all of these tools. Have something that you don't think a text or numerical entry can cover? Use the voice notes feature to add a quick memo onto the entry so that everyone who has access to the database is on the same page.

The Benefits of Change

While having a fancy new app to share with others is always exciting, what can you expect to gain from making the switch to Asset Panda? First, you can immediately reduce confusion and questions regarding items used on daily basis. Everyone can have access to the same information in real time, so requests and requisitions are a thing of the past. While this short-term change is nice, the long-term benefits are where Asset Panda really shines.

As your database grows, your understanding of the ins and outs of this equipment will grow immensely. With this enhanced prospective you can make smart decisions regarding repairs and replacements. For instance, if a copy machine in the office has chronic problems and requires fixing on a regular basis, it might be time to pull the plug and spring for a replacement, saving your branch funds in the long-term.

Without hard facts from the Asset Panda database backing your reasoning, you could find yourself bogged down with indecision and questions, leading to inaction and a budget that is hamstrung with unnecessary expense. When view in this light, making the switch is the crystal clear choice to help your office navigate the tough current financial constraints hitting government branches around the nation.


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