Telecom Inventory Asset Tracking Made Simple (Really)

Large, geographically diverse organizations maintain a large inventory of telecom assets – which is why telecom inventory asset tracking is vital to their financial health. Managing your telecom assets is complex business, from procurement, billing and contracts, employee reimbursement, security, help desk management, and more. A simple Excel spreadsheet doesn’t give companies the assurance of real-time, accurate data, or the ability to communicate with other stakeholders. Nor does it give them the advantage of a bird’s-eye view of all of their telecom assets throughout the organization. In such a scenario, errors can be a common occurrence – whether due to oversight, a simple typo, gaps in recordkeeping or something else. An asset may be lost, stolen or otherwise missing, but the organization, none the wiser, continues to pay monthly usage fees for it. Further, if an item is missing and the company isn’t aware of it, the risk for a security breach is significant. And, with a manual telecom inventory asset tracking system, it’s also difficult to make informed purchasing decisions. Do you have assets sitting idle in one location, while other location is in need? Are you prepared for anticipated growth? And do you know at a moment’s notice which assets need repair or replacement?

Telecom inventory asset tracking is highly dynamic, and requires an interactive, real-time solution. Mobile technology can offer your organization a powerful, flexible and efficient means to managing and tracking all of your telecom assets. That’s the philosophy behind Dallas-based Asset Panda.

Asset Panda is unique among all asset tracking service providers for several reasons – the first being its simplicity. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner, effectively eliminating the need for a separate handheld scanner or additional hardware, software or software licenses. All that’s required to track your telecom assets with Asset Panda is a smartphone or tablet, or use the web app, if you’d like.

Despite the platform’s simplicity, it’s the most powerful mobile asset tracking platform in the world, bar none. In the palm of your hand, you can have access to the complete lifecycle of every one of your telecom assets – anytime, 24 hours a day. Particularly if you’re running an organization with international subsidiaries, that kind of access is invaluable. You can add an unlimited number of users to the app at no additional charge and set up custom security settings based on their respective roles, location, or other criteria. Whether you’re tracking telecom assets within your organization or you provide equipment and/or service to clients, Asset Panda helps you connect every stakeholder – and better communication means more accountability, accuracy and bottom-line savings.

And while telecom inventory asset tracking by nature is complex business, Asset Panda makes the task fast and intuitive. No training is needed to master the app; it’s been designed to be user-friendly enough for all levels of technological proficiency. We believe that our clients should be able to track their assets exactly how they want, so we built a completely customizable mobile platform. From the dashboard, fields and columns to asset listings, notifications, alerts and reports, the decision about how to organize and display your data is up to you. Every Asset Panda account is a premium account, meaning you receive full access to our robust features offering; simply choose the features most relevant to your business needs. And, as your needs evolve in the future, Asset Panda is flexible enough to adapt.

Give us a try free for 14 days, and find out why clients throughout the world trust Asset Panda to help them manage millions of dollars’ worth of their telecom assets. For more information, visit

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