Tool Crib Management Software is For More Than Just Construction Sites

Businesses of every type require certain “tools” to function. Of course the construction industry is probably the most prevalent one that comes to mind. But tools of all shapes and sizes are put into play every day by companies across different industries. That’s why having tool crib management software is such a vital part of any asset tracking and management platform.

So we mentioned tools and the construction industry. Those two go hand in hand, so we’ll focus there. From forklifts and trucks to drills and hammers -- all of these items are important tools necessary on a daily basis. Construction sites – whether commercial or residential – have a wide range of tools in use by a variety of different trade groups. Tracking which tools are in use, by whom and where they are located can be incredibly challenging, especially as no two jobs are the same. Having a tool crib management software program in place right at the start of each job ensures that the process of tracking all the tools utilized onsite can be managed in such a way that it simplifies the process for all parties.

Tool crib management software serves multiple functions for construction sites and the people who need the tools to get the projects complete. Asset tracking software that incorporates this feature has the capabilities to record all of the necessary information about each individual item recorded. Because construction sites use so many pieces of equipment, being organized is one of the most important tasks. There are three main things companies need to do when it comes to getting organized. The addition of tool crib management software will ensure that’s possible:
  1. Know what you have.
    For each job, compile a current inventory of operable tools and equipment. By knowing what you have, you are already saving money by not having to buy duplicates of items that are thought to be lost or misplaced. By having an inventory, employees are not frantically searching for items that are needed and wasting valuable time that could be used onsite to get a project complete. They have instant access to all tools that are readily available.
  2. Know where your tools are.
    Construction is a very fluid field and tools are constantly on the go. By being able to track of every tool, relevant materials, and consumables, companies are able to improve accountability across the entire organization. If you know what you have and where it is, then employees can go right to the source and obtain the necessary tool. This accountability reduces excess purchases and paperwork. Many tracking platforms come with a check in/check out status, which is helpful to know when that needed tool will be coming back from its location and ready to use again for the next member of the team.
  3. Know how long you’ve had it and what condition it is in.
    Unfortunately, construction work isn’t easy on tools. They break. They need maintenance. They need to be replaced. But tracking tools and the frequency they need repair and replacement helps when it comes to audits and/or budgets and what items work and which ones don’t. Tool crib management software can keep accurate data on the entire lifecycle of tools and equipment and helps companies make good decisions when it comes time to evaluate equipment for the betterment of the company and the clients it serves.

If your tool crib management software program comes with a built-in barcode scanner, that’s an even greater benefit. Companies can instantly record data including the equipment type, manufacturer, cost, insurance information, full usage and maintenance history, take pictures of tools, make notes on usage, and so much more!

Asset Panda allows construction companies – as well as any company who uses “tools” -- to have a clear picture of every tool along with their location, user, and maintenance status. Companies of all sizes are instantly able to see the efficiency of allocated resources and how they work for (or against) the organization.

Construction tool tracking requires a robust and easy-to-use asset tracking and management system. Asset Panda can be implemented and deployed across your organization very quickly and is a cost-effective way to track and manage tools. The system goes where you go to track the assets that are vital to the operation of the company. Our system is simple to use, affordable and eliminates the headache of tracking third party hardware scanners. With Asset Panda as your tool crib management software, you will:
  • Know what equipment you own
  • Know where your equipment is
  • Know who has your equipment
  • Know what condition your equipment is in
  • Store all information related to your equipment in one location
  • Save time and money

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Audra London

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