How Tracking Equipment Software Helps Construction Companies Increase Profits

With the latest boom in the housing market, construction companies have their work cut out for them. Using tracking equipment software can help businesses in the home building and improvement industry track all the tools, machinery, and assets needed to perform client work.

Your clients rely on you to do quality work. Along with hiring electricians, general construction workers, architects, and demolition experts, you need to have the right equipment for the job. Whether you specialize in large commercial projects like city skyscrapers or have a smaller team to help homeowners create their dream house, you need to rely on a variety of tools and machinery to get your work done.

Along with having the right equipment, you need to be able to locate them at a moment's notice. If you rely on a manual system to track tool location, you risk losing hours to searching through antiquated systems for the items you need. With less time, you can't serve as many clients, and that means losing out on profit. However, when you use a modern software program to track your tools and equipment, you'll be able to find what you need quickly and get back to work.

Choosing the Right Tracking Equipment Software

There are many moving parts when it comes to tracking construction equipment and tools. Not only do you need to know where an asset is at any given moment, but you also need to know who is currently using a piece of equipment, how often it is checked out, when it was last maintained, and more. To make the most of your tools, you'll also need to track equipment life cycle, investments, and regulations regarding specific machinery.

You need a tracking equipment software that can help you record all this information in an easy-to-access manner. When it comes time to prepare for audits, you don't want to be left scrambling to compile all your equipment data to prove that it's all up to spec. Using the right software program will make it easy to put reports together, and you won't have to stress for hours trying to prepare your department to pass the audit.


Asset Panda can help you track everything you need for your construction company. Our cloud-based software makes it easy to access your equipment records on your asset database from any location. If you need to check on a specific tool while you're on a client job, you can use your smartphone or tablet to pull up the records and access it through a secure, encrypted connection.

Customizable fields make it easy for your team to track every piece of data related to your machinery. You can attach pictures and record the make, model, when you acquired the equipment, and when it needs repairs. Over time, you'll be able to see the times each asset is most requested and the times it tends not to be used. This data can help your company with further asset purchasing decisions. You can also add a leased equipment module to help you keep track of equipment you're borrowing or leasing from other companies.

Check out how Asset Panda helped this construction company track their tools through every unique job they went on.

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