How to Use an Inventory Database Software to Keep Your Warehouse Organized

Your company's warehouse has hundreds of moving parts, from the forklifts and machinery you use to access your product to the items your business sells for profit. A well-maintained inventory database software is a great way to increase productivity and decrease any likelihood of your employees misplacing any items.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of your software database.

"The right inventory database software, you can set up notifications to make sure you don't forget anything your business needs to keep operating."


Make Inventory Tracking as Easy as Possible

Easy work processes don't take much time or leave room for error. Your software should be easy for all your employees to access and update as they work. One way to do this is to make your inventory database mobile accessible. Your employees can use their smartphones to update your records right on the floor. You won't have to wait long for updated inventory records, and you can plan for product purchasing long before you run out.

Utilize Effective Labeling Practices

To help your employees identify product quickly, you'll need an easy-to-read labeling system in place. Handwritten labels don't follow a format and can be confusing to figure out. Creating and printing labels in your inventory software will ensure that the physical labels match what is listed in your records.

Store Everything Related to Your Products in One Place

Manual inventory records only have room for so much information. However, the same doesn't apply to a software database. Instead of keeping your data in several places, you can put everything related to your inventory in the same area. You can record applicable audit reports, warranties, regulations, and more with the correct products.

Set Up Notifications in Your Inventory Database Software

With all the moving parts in your warehouse, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. However, with the right inventory database software, you can set up notifications to make sure you don't forget anything your business needs to keep operating. It's easy to set up email notifications for upcoming maintenance, get alerts when your products are running low, or be notified of asset locations at any time.

Asset Panda's flexible cloud-based inventory database software makes it easy to create a more efficient work environment at your company's warehouse. Our easily-customizable platform means you can set up your inventory database in a way that works best for your team. Whether you need to know where your equipment is at any given time or track employee tasks on the floor, our platform can make it happen.

Creating a stellar inventory tracking system will decrease the amount of time your employees spend searching for items. You'll also save money by making sure you only buy the product you need, reducing duplicate purchases and identifying items that don't sell well.

Cellular One used Asset Panda to organize their four warehouses. Before they started using our platform, they were only tracking one location through a spreadsheet. One of the managers would spend several hours just trying to find one product. As soon as they added another person to the inventory management process, things got messy. However, after implementing Asset Panda, they saved 10 hours a week in their work processes.

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