What is Asset Control?


Asset control, also known as asset tracking, is the process by which companies and organizations track key information about their assets. This information can include an item’s location, who’s using it, when it’s been reserved for future use, its maintenance schedule, damage reports, usage reports, and more. 

Over the years, asset control has evolved from basic spreadsheet-based systems to platforms like Asset Panda that are fully integrated into a company’s workflow. These new solutions allow companies to remotely track assets in an automated system that makes running their business the priority, not desperately scrambling through outdated spreadsheets and documents to find an asset.

What is Asset Control in 2022?

Until recently, ‘asset control’ was what you called an employee with a spreadsheet filled with dozens of list items that were supposed to represent all of your company’s essential assets. This employee (or team of employees, in particularly inefficient setups) had to manually input everything from asset locations to their maintenance schedules. 

The result? Items were misplaced, tasks were overlooked, and high-value assets were not properly maintained or repaired and were unavailable when companies needed them most.

Today, the best asset control solutions are cloud-based, automated, and don’t require hours of manual input to thrive. They’re intuitive enough to provide a small learning curve, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Why Asset Control Matters

The asset management solution that a company chooses is important because every business is different— as are the assets they manage. The way one company tracks a large number of small assets is completely different from the way another manages massive machinery. So how do you make sure that an asset control system is going to match your needs?

The best way is by choosing a fully configurable platform like Asset Panda, which was designed to be flexible in order to reflect the differences in companies’ asset tracking needs. Our mobile solution lets you set the parameters that matter most to you, without having to track dozens of metrics that simply don’t apply or matter to your overall workflow.

After all, asset management is only important to the extent that it saves your organization time and money. Whether you’re a pest control company tracking skids and chemicals, a floral greens supplier keeping tabs on multiple branches across the nation, or a fleet manager tracking commercial vehicles, if your asset control platform is not efficient or streamlined according to your needs, it won’t be an effective tool for your business. 

What to Look for in an Asset Control Platform

So you’re ready to choose a next-gen asset control solution. How do you know which one to pick from the dozens of options on the market? The best asset management solutions should offer these features and benefits: 


If you ask us, configuration is king when it comes to asset control. Your assets are different from another company’s, so why should you be forced to use the exact same forms, processes, and parameters to manage them?

That’s why we made Asset Panda fully configurable, so that you can make it exactly the solution you need it to be— all without waste or inefficiencies.


Mobile access is essential for business in 2021, so whichever asset control solution you choose should be cloud-based and able to be accessed from mobile devices your employees already have at their disposal— not a desktop-based tool that keeps your team desk-bound.

Advanced Reporting

At any moment, you should be able to call up reports that tell you vital information about your assets, including everything from their maintenance schedules to damage reports and, of course, where that asset should be at this exact second.

Easy to Use

Remember those spreadsheets we mentioned earlier? If an asset management platform is complex and confusing to use, you may find yourself longing for the simple spreadsheet once more.

Take our advice— opt for an asset control system that makes managing your assets simpler, not more complicated.

Fast to Deploy

At Asset Panda, we take pride in the fact that our platform can be set up and deployed quickly with full, world-class support from day one through to complete implementation and beyond.

Take Control of Your Assets Today

Our mission is to make your company’s asset control platform one of the most powerful assets you have, and that’s why we designed Asset Panda to be mobile, powerful, and easy-to-use, with parameters that you can fully configure based on your unique needs.

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