The Asset Intelligence Platform: Your Key to Unlocking Real-time Insights


Getting real-time, valuable insights into the state of your asset inventory is no small feat. Whether you're currently using spreadsheets or an out-of-the-box solution that doesn't quite match your existing processes, you're likely not receiving the information you need to manage your assets and workflows effectively.

What if you could gain full transparency into the location, condition, and value of your asset inventory to increase efficiency and save time? You can do all this and more with an asset intelligence platform.

Asset Tracking vs. Asset Intelligence Platforms

With a traditional asset tracking tool, you can track and manage important details around your items (e.g., location, assignment, current value, repair history, etc.) in one centralized place. Typically, you're able to perform pre-defined workflows within an asset tracking platform in order to check items out to employees, send them for repair, and more. You can also report on the current state of your assets to keep a pulse on where they are, how their value has depreciated over time, etc. Depending on the platform you use to track your assets, you may or may not be able to pull these reports and gain insights in real-time.

The goal of tracking your assets is to increase visibility into your inventory and boost accountability throughout your organization. While asset tracking tools allow you to understand the current state of your asset inventory and how it has changed over time, you often need to manually perform workflows and analyze reports to maintain and understand your data. With a lack of automated insights, your team may be unable to quickly identify trends and catch outliers before they cause a problem. Although it may be feasible for some organizations to dedicate employees to asset tracking and reporting solely, there's an even more efficient way to increase transparency, productivity, and time savings.

The Benefits of Asset Inventory Intelligence

With an asset intelligence platform, you get real-time visibility into your assets and the workflows surrounding them. This means you can understand the full lifecycle of your entire asset inventory to proactively manage these items and anticipate upcoming maintenance or purchasing needs, saving you valuable time. Not to mention, you can quickly identify any data patterns that deviate from the norm using visual dashboards. Whether a repair ticket was never closed out or an ex-employee's laptop still needs to be returned, an asset intelligence platform helps you quickly identify anomalies in your data (based on your custom-set threshold) and avoid potential problems before they spread. When you unlock valuable insights into the state of your asset inventory, you can avoid unforeseen costs and business disruptions to minimize your cost of ownership and ultimately increase efficiency.

And speaking of efficiency, an asset intelligence platform is also fully customizable, allowing you to set up naming conventions, workflows, reports, and more to match how you already work. The no-code configuration means you don't need to tap any developer resources to get started, making it simple to build your unique internal procedures. Plus, with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform and role-based user permissions, your team can get up and running quickly with access to exactly what they need – nothing more, nothing less. When your entire team is on the same page and able to work in tandem in your centralized asset intelligence platform, you'll quickly see an increase in productivity and time and resource savings, allowing you to unlock new capabilities. With the low cost of running your asset intelligence platform paired with high user adoption, you'll realize fast ROI and improve your organization's bottom line.

Get Started with Asset Panda's Asset Intelligence Platform

It's no secret that asset intelligence platforms can help your organization better manage assets, draw valuable insights, and save time and resources. Whether you're managing IT devices, construction equipment, or anything in between, Asset Panda's comprehensive asset intelligence platform can help you manage your asset inventory and gain valuable insights in real-time.

But don't just take our word for it – see how this On-Wing Services team saves 4,000+ hours per year using Asset Panda's asset intelligence platform. With streamlined operations and automated alerts, the team is able to more efficiently maintain more than 3,500 aviation engines worldwide.

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