What Is Inventory Asset Tracking for Non-Profits?

? Most use cases on the market today involve profitable companies. The distinct lack of information about how asset tracking systems can help non-profits might make you think this type of system isn’t for you.

However, taking this approach can prevent you from relying on a solution that makes it easier for you to serve your cause. There are huge benefits that come from inventory asset tracking that your non-profit needs to expand your reach.

What Is Inventory Asset Tracking Outside of the Commercial World?

Many corporate businesses will use asset tracking solutions to boost their bottom line, improve their efficiency and increase their profit. But as a non-profit, most of those things don’t apply. What matters to you is serving as many people as possible with the donations, resources and other funding you have available.

receive comes from individual donors. That means you need to have a solid system for tracking donor information. That way, when your organization is in need of more money, you know who you can contact.

Inventory tracking solutions make it possible for you to keep track of donations. You won’t have to wonder who donated what items at what time. These records mean that you can send receipts of tax-deductible payments to your donors and make their lives easier during tax season.

Your organization also relies on donated assets in order to continue working towards your mission. Without the tools, equipment, fleet vehicles and other materials, people in the community will not be able get what they need.

You don’t have the money or the manpower to train your team and volunteers to use multiple systems. Every dollar that comes into your organization needs to be used wisely and with purpose. Wasting money is not an option when each dollar can help someone in need. You need a bundled tracking system that works to track everything.

Resource Tracking in a Comprehensive Environment

What is inventory asset tracking as presented in a holistic environment? How can you track everything in one place without creating more work for you and your team?

Implementing a holistic tracking solution is one of the best things your group can do to expand your reach. It greatly reduces the amount of time you spend searching databases for donor or aid recipients. The more time that your staff and volunteers can save, the more they can use to work on other tasks that require their attention.

Having all your information in one place also makes it easier for your group to collect the information you need to write and submit grants. Your team relies on the money provided through grants to fund service projects and other types of relief you organization provides. Many of these grants require proof of your actions as well as data about the people you help.

Asset Panda’s platform is easily customizable, so you can make it work to track your donations, efforts and resources in a way that makes sense to your non-profit. You don’t have to try to make a system created for corporations work for a company that doesn’t function in the same way.

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