Why Everything Should Be in Asset Panda


When you think of asset management software, you may think it’s built for one specific item group like IT devices or construction equipment. Of course, it’s hard not to fall into this way of thinking when many asset management solutions on the market cater to specific items and/or industries. However, there is one truly customizable software that allows you to easily manage your various types of assets all in one platform: Asset Panda.  

Let’s take a look at a few of the common use cases we support, as well as the importance of putting everything in Asset Panda.

3 Common Types of Assets to Track

IT Devices

No matter what line of business you’re in, you likely have IT assets that you need to keep track of. From laptops to mobile devices and beyond, Asset Panda helps you monitor various aspects of your IT inventory so you can understand where your devices are, who they’re assigned to, and what condition they’re in. This allows you to better optimize asset usage and proactively perform device maintenance so you can lengthen the lifespan of your IT devices.

This not only helps you save money and plan for future purchases but also saves your team quite a bit of time compared to manual asset tracking in spreadsheet. Logicforce began saving around 3 hours each week when they switched from manual tracking to Asset Panda.

Tools & Equipment

Companies in the construction, utilities, and energy industries leverage heavy equipment and small tools that travel between various job sites and warehouses. Given the high value and frequent location changes of these assets, it’s essential to properly track, audit, and maintain them. Asset Panda not only helps you keep tabs on where your tools are and who’s using them to prevent loss or theft but also allows you to perform audits and send items for routine maintenance.

Not to mention, Asset Panda allows for unlimited users, so you can easily add field employees to your program and assign tools to them. Our mobile app is especially beneficial for tool and equipment tracking, so field employees can easily manage equipment directly from their job site. With instant access to information through Asset Panda’s mobile app, Ace Avant Concrete Construction Co. saves about two hours per day on asset tracking.


Whether you're a company with various offices or a university with multiple buildings, Asset Panda can help you track fixed assets across locations and manage reservations and maintenance. For example, you might track furniture, desktop computers, projectors, and more across your offices or buildings and audit them periodically to ensure everything is accounted for. As for reservation management, employees can easily reserve a conference room for a meeting, or students can book a study room in the library.

You can also leverage facilities management to keep manage the equipment you use to maintain your numerous properties and keep track of any maintenance needs so everything stays in working order. Plus, your maintenance staff can seamlessly track their workload down to specific rooms and items they’ve cleaned. With Asset Panda as their facilities management platform, CHG Healthcare saves over 28 hours per week.


      These are just a few of the many asset tracking examples that Asset Panda supports. Whether all of these apply to your organization (or you have even more!), it’s essential to track and manage everything in one centralized platform.

      That’s why Asset Panda allows you to build instances for your different use cases or departments all under one umbrella. When you centralize all your asset data in Asset Panda, you’ll streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and, most importantly, save money!

      If you’re ready to see how Asset Panda can help you work smarter, request your demo today.

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