How Small Business Asset Management Software Can Benefit Your Company

Large businesses aren’t the only ones who can benefit from using an asset management solution. Small business asset management software is a great way to make sure your money is being invested wisely. Whether you’re a one-man show or only have a handful of employees, using a software solution to track your assets can help you stay on top of everything happening in your business.

Prepare for Audits by Keeping Detailed Records

Asset management software can store infinitely more information than any manual system you might be using. Assuming you have enough storage space, you can record every single detail about all your assets. You won’t have to worry about trying to remember when you purchased a specific item or keep notes on which employees have access to specific assets. Your software can take care of all that information for you. And when audit time comes around, you’ll already have the information necessary to pass. Even if your auditors ask for specific details, you can just pull up each asset entry to find what you need.


“Using a small business asset management software is a great way to automate many tasks related to managing your assets.”


Check-In on Your Business From Any Location

As a small business owner, you’re constantly on the go. From meeting with clients to attending networking events, there are a number of things that require your attention. You can’t always be on site, and even when you are, you still need to know what is happening back at the office. With cloud-based management software, you can check in on the status of your assets at any time.

Automate Your Small Business Asset Management Software to Save Time

Your team is small, and that means everyone has multiple duties. You can’t afford to waste any time. Using a small business asset management software is a great way to automate many tasks related to managing your assets. Once you have all your items entered into your database, you can set up your software to automatically track check-ins and check-outs, asset locations, and maintenance requirements. Setting these up to function without your input is a great way to give you and your team more time to work with clients directly.

At Asset Panda, we understand that you don’t have as many resources as some of your larger competitors. Our software is great for small businesses, just like yours. We designed our cloud-based platform to make it easy for you to track your assets from any location. The interface is easy to use because we wanted to design something that complements the way you do things, instead of requiring you to take hours to learn a new system. Our customer support team is happy to help you out with any issues you might encounter.

Dogs Deserve It is a small, pet-focused business located in Chicago, Illinois. Before using Asset Panda, the company was having a hard time tracking the keys that allowed its staff into client homes to take care of their dogs. This was a huge issue because clients trusted the business to keep their home safe by giving them access to keys. With our platform, Dogs Deserve It was able to track changes to client accounts as they happened, instead of having to write them on paper and try to remember what had changed.

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