How to Pick the Best Smartphone Inventory Company

By October 8, 2018Asset Tracking, Blog

How to Pick the Best Smartphone Inventory CompanyMany businesses need to keep an inventory in order to earn a profit, and in order to track this inventory, your business, in particular, might be considering a mobile inventory system for your needs. After all, relying on mobile devices to track your inventory is a great way to keep your records up to date. Your employees already carry their phones with them wherever they go. By installing and accessing your company’s inventory records through their smartphones, they’ll be able to pull up inventory records at any moment. Team members will be able to make notes and change information as situations develop on the warehouse floor.

“You shouldn’t have to change your company’s workflow in order to make a specific solution work for your inventory process.”

But how are you supposed to find the right inventory solution for you? Well, fortunately, there are a number of smartphone inventory company options which can help you. Here’s how you can select the best one to work with:

Qualities to Look For in a Smartphone Inventory Company

There are dozens of companies which provide services for tracking your inventory. How can you tell which one will be best for what your company needs? There are specific qualities you want to have in a smartphone inventory company.

  • Specifically, whatever company you decide to go with should work for your company. You shouldn’t have to change your company’s workflow in order to make a specific solution work for your inventory process. Their software should be flexible enough to change to include the features you are looking for.
  • They should also have great support for their product. You shouldn’t be left out in the lurch if you encounter any issues getting their software set up. Whether you need help setting up your inventory tracking solution, or a specific problem pops up, their customer support needs to be good enough to help you get back to work quickly.
  • Companies which provide solutions to track inventory should also have a lot of technical know-how concerning what goes on when you track your products and services. How can you trust a company to help you organize your inventory if they don’t know what goes into the process?
  • Another quality to look for in a smartphone inventory company is one which is fully cloud-based and accessible from anywhere in the world. This is because being able to access company inventory records from any location can also save your team a lot of time. Instead of needing to go to a separate location to access a computer or manual system, your workers can use their phones to see how many items should be in stock. Anyone can do a quick search to see where the item they need is located, saving them countless hours of searching for what they need.

Asset Panda strives to have all of these qualities in all of our interactions. We take pride in the services we offer, and we’ve built a stellar customer support team to help you with any issues you may encounter. We’ve been providing inventory tracking solutions to companies for the past six years, so we know what our clients need when it comes to effective inventory tracking software.

SATPR News listed Asset Panda among the top tracking-as-a-service companies on the market today. More industries are turning to asset and inventory tracking platforms to make their work processes more efficient and manage a moving stock of items necessary to bring in a profit each quarter. SATPR offers our platform as a solution to the growing global for enterprise solutions to track assets, fleet vehicles, inventory items, and other rising needs in the market today.

Want to see how Asset Panda can benefit all aspects of your business? Take a free guided tour today!


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