How to Tackle Your Inventory Control Tracking

How to Tackle Your Inventory Control TrackingInventory control tracking involves a number of moving parts. Trying to track all of those parts on top of your inventory can get somewhat confusing if you don’t have a good system in place. For example, many of the tools involved in tracking inventory include a barcode scanner, barcode printer, barcode labels, inventory software, and a mobile computer (because barcodes make it easy to track thousands of items of inventory in a flash).

With all of the aspects of inventory control tracking, it can feel daunting to try and get everything under control. However, you don’t have to lose your mind in order to get your inventory organized! Keep these tips in mind when you need to sort your inventory, and you’ll be sitting pretty in no time.

How to Get a Handle on Inventory Control Tracking

Create a Tracking Plan

Before you start organizing any of your inventory, you’ll want to outline a plan for your company to follow. This plan should include things like:

  • inventory record requirements
  • procedures for storing items
  • processes for accessing inventory control data
  • goals for your inventory tracking program

With a clear inventory management plan, you’ll be able to evaluate the success of each step of your inventory tracking process.

Involve All of Your Employees in the Inventory Management Process

In one way or another, everyone at your company interacts with your inventory. It doesn’t make sense to exclude any of your employees from the tracking process. Including all of your employees in the inventory control tracking process will reduce time wasted trying to find specific items across your entire organization. Your team members will be able to locate what they need in seconds and be on their way. Giving all of your employee’s access to your inventory records also means your information is more likely to stay updated in real time since your team members will upgrade your system as they work. If you need to restrict employee access to specific records, look for an inventory tracking program that makes it easy to grant user permissions to particular items. That way, your employees will only access the items they interact with on a regular basis, but will still be able to check on records that pertain to them.

Use Streamlined Barcode Technology to Make Your Inventory Processes More Efficient

Barcode technology is incredibly easy to use. Most smartphones can scan barcode labels easily. All you need is your barcode printer and some labels you can use for each of your inventory items, and you have everything you need to carry out an efficient inventory management system. Some asset tracking solutions even offer barcode scanning via mobile applications, which makes it easy for you to scan barcodes with your phone’s camera and pull up item records in a flash.

Get the Right Program to Help with Inventory Tracking

Here’s an example of what an excellent inventory control tracking program can look like: Cellular One uses Asset Panda to cut down on time wasted looking for specific inventory items. Before switching over to our platform, team members were spending several hours each week going from warehouse to warehouse to find items for events they were hosting. Now, our cloud-based platform allows them to see exactly where each of their items are and retrieve them in no time, which saves them up to ten hours per week.

When you’re looking for a platform to help you tackle your tracking needs, look for a solution which can help you accomplish the goals outlined in your tracking plan, including letting employees access the data more easily and providing a way to create and scan barcodes. In the end, you’ll find your inventory control process will be much easier, more efficient, and less headache-ful!


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