Asset Inventory System

A powerful, accurate asset inventory system is an absolute must for any company, whether it’s a global corporation or lean startup. Keeping equipment regularly maintained, serviced and repaired is one of the most important tasks faced by any organization. Failure to keep your equipment and machines on a regular service schedule can be extremely expensive, turning minor repairs into complete overhauls or worse, replacement.

Accurately tracking this vital information requires a custom database that presents data securely, in real time, so that at any time of day or night, mobile service companies are helping promote regular maintenance, preventing unnecessary repairs and other expenses and keeping their clients’ machines and equipment in good working order.

Asset Panda’s flexible asset tracking system, available via free mobile apps and on the web, gives organizations large and small a comprehensive, lifecycle view of their vital assets and equipment. Completely customizable, the Asset Panda platform is not just incredibly powerful, it’s also very simple to use. Clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users and may add specific details in their custom entries, like repair and replacement costs, current condition and administrative information. The depth of this information empowers clients to make better, more informed decisions, eliminate guesswork and costly errors, and eliminate wasteful spending.

With the Asset Panda tool, mobile service companies are able to offer their clients an asset inventory system with tracking features like check in/out; scheduling of routine maintenance; tracking by location, category, owner, serial or model number; ability to track non-traditional assets; custom electronic signature; custom notifications; open API; tracking and monitoring the availability of equipment; and scheduling of testing and maintenance of parts/equipment replacements.

For clients, this means the communication loop among staff is closed, promoting better organization and increased efficiency. They save time, considerable frustration and money when they don’t have to spin their wheels hunting down the whereabouts of their expensive equipment and determining its condition. And with the reporting feature of the app, they can create custom, automated reports to print or email to stakeholders, address any outside questions or concerns, and provide vital information for compliance, straight line depreciation and asset appreciation calculation. As clients build their custom databases over time, staff members begin to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the organization’s assets, which can eliminate simple inquiries and requests and replace them with faster, more informed responses.

With Asset Panda, service companies can raise the bar on their own standards of excellence, providing their clients with secure access to better data. Clients have a more effective means to request support and, ultimately, resolve issues before they become more significant challenges.

Service companies come to Asset Panda not just for its features, flexibility and ease of use. With its free mobile apps, Asset Panda is an unbeatable value. The tool requires only a smartphone or tablet to use, or the web. We don’t have hardware and software licenses to pay for upgrades. No separate barcode scanners are required, which saves our customers repair and replacement costs. And, while traditional asset tracking companies require each user to have a license from a PC (which carries an additional fee), Asset Panda offers unlimited users, plus user field security, user location security and area user level security within locations.

Our mission is to empower organizations and the companies they serve to track their vital assets exactly how they want. To learn more, contact Asset Panda and start your free 14-day trial today.

Rex Kurzius

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