Asset and Inventory Tracking Software Comes of Age

Let’s face it, saving money is one of the top goals a company can have. There are so many components that make a company work -- from its employees to the equipment used daily, to the software that makes the equipment run. In order for all of these pieces to work together cohesively, having a system in place that is adept at tracking software and tools needed to keep up with a company’s assets or inventory is a must.

Gone are the days of using handwritten ledgers or Excel spreadsheets to keep up with what assets a company has, where equipment is located, who is using what and the latest software upgrade or repair. Companies are utilizing hundreds or thousands of assets, and they are being used by multiple people across multiple locations. Spreadsheets collect mountains of data, and many times, spreadsheets are copied over and over and no one knows which is the master where all the current data is kept. When so many people are trying to use the same sheet at the same time, errors are inevitable. And errors can lead to wasted time and lost revenue – and no company wants that.

With today’s asset and inventory tracking software, keeping up with what you have, where it is and its status is easier, faster, accurate and reliable. This powerful new mode of tracking simplifies and restores accuracy to the process, delivering real-time information, monitoring, and alerts, and all from the palm of your vb hand. Regardless of whether you’re running a multinational corporation or a local nonprofit organization, you’re responsible for your company’s assets. Asset tracking software can help you keep your equipment in top shape, maximize their lifespan, prevent theft or loss, and increase accountability.

When one thinks of asset tracking, they may not always think of also tracking the software that is used by their equipment. Just as technology advances, so does the software that makes our business tools work. Ensuring that all equipment, as well as their software, is up to date is a very important task that many companies don’t keep up with. Now companies can easily research or set milestone notices for scheduled maintenance, warranty expiration, calibration deadlines, etc. Users can even create their own milestones around equipment maintenance repairs schedules or software upgrades using custom date fields to set up notifications days in advance. Then, once the actions are performed in the system, they can see the full repair history or the date that the software was upgraded with details on where the event was performed and who performed it, as well as the overall cost if any.

Having this key data helps companies and their employees become more accountable for the assets and the software they use. Tracking software is so much more user-friendly than spreadsheets and the benefits are far reaching in that it:
  • Reduces lost records
  • Eliminates guesswork from software upgrade and repair/replacement decision-making
  • Streamlines audits
  • Ensures more accurate reporting
  • Makes data easily available to 3rd party repair vendors or the internal help desk

Asset Panda was founded on the philosophy that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want. There’s no more time wasted trying to hunt down lost assets or guess about when an item was upgraded or if it’s been in for repair. With Asset Panda, clients have instant access to such real-time information as check-in/check-out status and the condition of each asset. They can review an asset’s maintenance history and even schedule service. Custom notifications and alerts, electronic signature option, tracking by a person, mobile audit/GPS tracking and custom role-based security are among the incredible array of features that promote greater accountability among your employees.

All that’s required for Asset Panda are the mobile devices you and your employees already carry. No additional hardware or software and their associated licensing fees are needed; nor do you require a separate handheld mobile barcode scanner. Asset Panda is powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud.

You won’t find a more powerful, simple or cost-effective asset tracking software on the market. For details and a free 14-day trial, visit

Audra London

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