Take Control of Inventory with Asset Management Mobile Systems

Customer-focused businesses rely on a quickly moving inventory to bring in profit. Whether you offer only a few items or have dozens of options, you are constantly moving product. It's easy for details to get lost when you're moving hundreds of items every day. While this might not seem like a big deal every once in a while, losing information here and there can add up. Fortunately, asset management mobile systems are a great way to stay on top of your inventory process.

Your employees already have their smartphones with them at all times. By making your asset management system mobile accessible, your employees are more likely to log into and update your asset records.

Here are a few processes made easier when you have a mobile-based asset tracking system.

Your Asset Information Will Be Updated in Real Time

When you're moving hundreds of items a day, you need to know what's happening on the floor right now. Information from an hour ago won't reflect the current status of your inventory. If one of your customers asks for a specific product that you did have ten of an hour ago but don't anymore, they will be unhappy with your service. By using an asset management system which is more mobile, your team members can scan items into the system as they arrive and leave your inventory, meaning everyone will know exactly what's available at the moment.


"By making your asset management system mobile accessible, your employees are more likely to log into and update your asset records."


Your Records Are More Accessible Through an Asset Management Mobile System

As your employees work on the inventory floor, situations might come up where they need to access specific asset records at that moment. Needing to go to a physical office in order to look something up takes time and introduces distractions. It also provides more opportunities for mistakes to enter the system. When your team members can use an asset management mobile system right on the floor, they can update inventory information as it changes. A cloud-based app makes it possible for your entire team to work together, creating a more accurate database for them to pull from.

You'll Reduce the Amount of Inventory You Lose

Lost assets and inventory can end up costing your company big time. If you've just spent $10,000 purchasing new assets and end up losing half of that investment in a month, that's another $5,000 you need to find. Mobile-based tracking systems make it easy for you to know where your assets are, who is using them, and what you've invested in those assets.

Asset Panda has created a mobile-based asset tracking system to automate your inventory management process. Our cloud-based software makes it easy for all your team members to pull up inventory records right on the floor. Our platform is also incredibly flexible, so you can change it to meet your company's needs. Whether you need to keep track of industry regulations or have customer requests to meet, our platform can help you track any kind of information you can imagine.

One of the industries which benefit from using a mobile tracking system is construction. Fleet operators strive for efficiency in their jobs. According to SATPR News, the number of vehicles needed to meet client needs is growing due to the increased economy. They need to know they can rely on their vehicles to comply with safety standards.

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