IT Asset Management

The backbone to keeping any company in business that uses electronic communication is the IT department. Whether that is a team or one person, IT ensures your company has working technology and equipment, including telephones, Internet, and server access. Adding IT Asset Management will help the department help the company run smoother.

What are IT Assets?

Everything your IT center needs to operate and provide tech support to your company. IT Assets include:
  • Hardware/Software,
  • Computers/Tablets,
  • Servers & Data Storage,
  • Wires/Cables
  • Connectors,
  • Projectors & Screens
  • Video Equipment
What is the Average Center Budget?

When mapping out your IT budget you will start by including categories like your personnel department, software, hardware & external service providers. You can break down each one to start budgeting what assets go into these categories. For example, personnel should be your largest budget with development, support, operations, and administrations. By tracking your IT Assets, you will have a comprehensive directory of all IT Assets, cutting costs down by knowing exactly what you have at all times. Track the complete history by location, category, owner, serial or Model Number.

How will Asset Tracking Impact your IT Center?

Having the ability to check items in and out gives you the ability to know where the item(s) are at any given time. Track your items by looking up a complete history of an asset/track vendors & service providers.

When keeping track of your IT Assets means you will cut down on lost and stolen items, saves time for IT & the departments served, higher savings, quicker and more accurate audits. Now there is no need for extra devices. Asset tracking allows you to manage your IT assets on mobile and the cloud.

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Jeremy has over 15 years of experience in the video marketing and advertising space, founded his own video production agency, and currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Braille Skateboarding.

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