Asset Panda is “Freshening” Up the Help Desk

How many times have you reported an item to your company’s help desk only to have it fall through the cracks and go unresolved? The help desk is probably one of your company’s busiest departments and they are being pulled in every direction trying to fulfill the needs of everyone in the company and the equipment that needs their immediate attention.

For many companies, handling and tracking a large number of assets has become too time-consuming and keeping up with the growing number of maintenance requests and help desk tickets is simply overwhelming. Companies are looking for a way to solve their organization’s internal IT issues by allowing the help desk to link incidents, service requests problems and changes with any given assets. AT the same time, they are tasking their own employees to manage and keep track of the assets in their possession ensure they are keeping up with it and even proactively diagnosing potential threats before something catastrophic happens to it.


Asset Panda has taken the role of the help desk to the next level with the integration of Freshservice into Asset Panda.


Introducing Freshservice

Asset Panda has taken the role of the help desk to the next level with the integration of Freshservice into Asset Panda. Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service to its users.

The combination of these two powerful platforms allows Asset Panda users the ability to collaborate with the help desk and their team to stay on top of a growing service ticket pile anytime, from anywhere.

The integration of Asset Panda and Freshservice ensures:
  • Every incident and service entered through Freshservice gets ticketed, categorized, marked, tracked and resolved with the service desk solution
  • Incidents are tracked through Asset Panda and can help companies identify trends or common occurrences during the lifecycle of an asset.
  • Any device detected on the customer’s network and its affiliated data such as IP address, serial number, maintenance records, etc. can be detected by Freshservice and synced into Asset Panda as often as your team would like.
  • Help desks can prioritize and assign tasks based on the impact and urgency, resulting in a quicker resolution, workaround, and response.
  • More asset tracking services are enabled for connected devices through Asset Panda like repairs, work orders, acknowledging and tracking tickets, check in/out, disposals and location tracking.
Asset Panda’s Help Desk Ticketing System

Asset Panda’s help desk ticketing system dramatically improves the management and integrity of ticket related information, including providing simple innovative ways for customers to receive support. With Asset Panda’s custom database, available on both mobile and web platforms, you can build a comprehensive ticketing software process related to your assets and instantly share the data with anyone responsible for the equipment. Add specific details in your custom entries, like repair and replacement costs, current condition and administrative information, which promotes better decision-making and can help deter wasteful spending. Set triggers and custom actions against your ticketing information letting the right people know at the right time when support asset information is needed.

Ensure that your company’s help desk has the best tools readily available to help employees and keep workflow going. Learn more about the integration of Freshservice into Asset Panda and how that will benefit your company's help desk by visiting


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