Asset Panda to Sponsor the Third Annual Forum on Asset Management

The 3rd Annual Forum on Asset Managementwill cover the effective management of business critical assets to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, minimize risk and ultimately stabilize, advance and improve your business

Many organizations simply do not know what fixed assets they own, what shape those assets are in, or where they’re located.In a mid-2013 survey, nearly half of the CFOs polled reported having to periodically write down the value of assets simply because they couldn’t find them. And 80 percent said the ability to better manage fixed assets would offer significant benefits such as increased cash flow and earnings, audits that were more efficient and accurate, and the elimination of unnecessary write-offs.

The 3rd Annual Forum on Asset Management is a cross sector event highlighting real life examples of the implementation and utilization of innovative asset management techniques, tools and standards. Expert speakers will deliver presentations covering real business case studies that outline the ways in which asset management can be effectively implemented and in turn make a real difference to the bottom line!This forum shall appeal to those involved in the acquisition, operation and care of physical assets – especially those involved in asset intensive organizations. Some of the topics to be discussed include:
  • Develop your asset management strategy and planning procedures - effectively strategize, mitigate and make the right decisions with the help of an asset management plan
  • Consider ways in which costs can be reduced without impacting on safety or productivity, key during this difficult economic climate
  • Develop resourcing strategy through better understanding of life cycle costs and the value optimization of aging assets to enable enhanced maintenance decision-making
  • Knowing your assets is vital - asset knowledge enablers will identify the next steps - formulate your own asset information strategy through the implementation of standards, detailed information systems to provide quality asset data and assess and best use this information

Asset Panda, LLC, a software company based in Frisco, TX, is proud to be a sponsor of the 3rd Annual Forum on Asset Management. Asset Panda is a revolutionary new system that automates and simplifies the job of tracking and managing fixed assets – notably industrial equipment, information technology and office equipment. Asset Panda solves that problem quickly and easily, and gives an organization control over its assets with its integrated asset management system that combines the use of apps, the cloud and scanning using mobile devices that employees already have with them.

Offered over the Web as “software as a service,” Asset Panda’s intuitive technology lets organizations and individuals catalogue, track, organize, audit and manage information about fixed assets including information technology assets as well as industrial and office equipment.

Starting with an app downloaded to a mobile device, tablet or other enabled device, Asset Panda’s system allows for the storage, sharing, aggregation and manipulation of data and protection of information about fixed assets. Asset Panda can store data in forms such as bar codes, videos, photos, receipts and lease and warranty information. This data is stored and managed in the cloud, where it is safe and accessible via any Web browser no matter where users are. Asset Panda gives organizations a simple way to solve their big problem of tracking and managing information about the assets they own.

Asset Panda supports the IFRS 13 fair value measurement process, FASB 144 impairment of assets calculation and compliance with the new ISO 27001-2013 risk assessment standard and ISO 55000 asset management standard.

The 3rd Annual Forum on Asset Management will take place on October 31 2013 at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. To register click on this link: A free, test version of Asset Panda can be downloaded at, Apple Inc.’s App Store, or Google Play. Higher levels of service with more robust capabilities are available by subscription.


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