Asset Software Minimizes Your Risk, Maximizes Your Investment

When we think of asset software, it’s often in association with the needs of big business – multinational corporations with thousands of employees and several subsidiaries. What you may not realize, however, is that asset software can help even small businesses become more efficient and more organized while saving time and money. And, for small businesses in particular, every dollar counts.

Where Is the Money Going?

For any business owner – regardless of the size of the company or the industry – keeping track of where the money is going is a big challenge. All too often, money is flying out the door, leaving you puzzled at the end of the month as to how you burned through your resources. One of the biggest investments you’ll make is in your IT assets. You want to maximize the lifespan of your computers, monitors, servers, company-issued laptops and mobile devices – and to do that, you’ve got to keep track of routine maintenance and updates for every one of those assets. Managing your IT assets is also important from the standpoint of equipment refresh schedules. Buying in bulk can reduce your costs, for one thing. And you don’t want to be surprised with an expense you weren’t planning on if, for example, a computer that hasn’t been properly maintained stops working; if equipment theft occurs; or if you discover that a few of your employees have misplaced their company-issued mobile phones or tablets. Additionally, you don’t want to order assets, software or software licenses you don’t need. This is where asset software comes in. It allows business owners to store data for every one of their vital assets in one centralized location. Users can access the entire lifecycle of any asset – from its initial acquisition and periodic maintenance to its retirement, ending the guesswork and frustration that results when your data is either not tracked, out of date and/or scattered across multiple spreadsheets.

Cybersecurity Risks

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s minds these days, as reports of data breaches at big-name companies continue to make the news. However, thousands of smaller companies fall victim to hackers, as well – and in some cases, they may be even more vulnerable if they haven’t taken the proper security measures to protect their assets and their data. One significant risk that many organizations may not even know they have is in regard to outdated software. When software hasn’t been updated accordingly, it can become vulnerable to hackers. With the aid of asset software, IT managers are able to establish custom notifications and alerts that help them keep track of updates for every vital IT asset, therefore reducing security risks and keeping those assets running smoothly.

Slow Equipment Costs You Time and Money

Managers may not realize how much time they and their employees waste relying on slow-running equipment; after all, that’s hard to quantify. Often, those machines are slowing down due to overlooked maintenance. Eventually, those machines can break down prematurely, requiring expensive repairs and overhauls or, even worse, premature replacement. Once again, asset software can help IT managers stay on top of critical updates for each asset.

Every one of your assets is attached to a wealth of specific data in addition to its maintenance history; for example, its insurance policy, lease/purchase information, exact location and condition, depreciation and much more. Manual tracking procedures result in errors, oversight, wasted time and money. Let Asset Panda show you how simple it can be to track every one of your vital assets using the mobile devices you already carry.



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