Asset Tag Tracking Promotes a More Streamlined Workplace

A few decades ago, only large companies bothered with asset tracking. But as the technology improved, smaller companies started adopting the process. Companies are also tracking smaller assets that don't require a forklift to move. Assets nowadays can fit in the palm of your hand, or even on your desktop computer. The costs for software, scanners, and the tags themselves continue to decline as the technology improves, making asset tracking easier than ever.

Asset tag tracking enables you to maintain your assets by attaching the appropriate data to each tag. Barcodes give assets key identifiers in a standard format, which allows you to properly control your inventory. Mobile barcode scanning software makes it easy for employees to use their phones to update the information on the cloud server. You can customize your tags to show your company's logo, school's mascot, or any other graphic you want to include.

Without tags to easily track assets, it takes longer to identify assets. Asset knowledge is likely to get lost, and employees won't be able to see when equipment needs maintenance, or what regulations certain assets are subject to. A lack of a standarized system makes it easier for assets to disappear, which can cost thousands to replace.

Using Asset Panda's Asset tag tracking will help you in the following ways:

Maintain asset information

Scanning an asset tags will bring up information attached to that tag, such as previous repairs and maintenance schedules. The software's ability to attach images, videos, and voice notes helps you understand exactly what the asset looks like, what kinds of problems it is prone to, what locations use that asset, and any other information you might need. Tags also allow you to use a geolocation feature, so you can update asset location in real time.

Control your inventory

Knowing what assets you have, and what requirements your company must follow, helps you conform to audits and calculate an assets value over its lifetime. Keeping detailed notes on your assets and their locations prevents asset loss and theft. When you have control over your inventory, you won't have to spend money to replace lost assets because you'll know exactly where they are. You'll also prevent asset theft and unauthorized changes to locations and employee usage.

Avoid manual tracking

With Asset Panda, you won't have to keep track of your valuables in a spreadsheet or with pen and paper. Our cloud based software reduces errors common to manual tracking and helps your employees stay on the same page.

Share data with your team

Your employees can use barcode scanning software on their phones so you don't have to pay extra for barcode scanners that are easy to lose. Asset tags will help your company implement standardized identification through a database accessible and maintained by all employees.

Make assets last longer with regular maintenance and repairs

Asset value depends on fast maintenance turn-around times. Valuable ones get used more frequently, so having a system where users can check them in and out and reserve a time to use them that is accessible to everyone ensures that the asset isn't used after it needs to be fixed.

Asset Panda's flexible platform will help you make your workplace more efficient and reduce operating costs. Our cloud based platform saves you from spending thousands on standalone software and hundreds of hours training on how to use it. The software is more secure, yet more accessible across your company. The necessary asset tags are also cheaper than ever, and make tracking your resources and equipment easier and more cost effective than ever.

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