Asset Tracking Basics: Why You Need an Asset Scanner

As businesses and organizations grow, so do the tools and equipment needed to make it run successfully. When one asset is lost, misplaced or broken and out of service unexpectedly, it can throw the jobs of many into disarray. But what if you had an asset tracking and management platform that featured a tool that always let users know where an asset is, who has it, and its maintenance/repair history? Well, you do. The asset scanner.

Barcodes are one of the most common ways to track assets. Companies no longer need to use outdated methods like handwritten ledgers or shared online spreadsheets. These are very error-prone and simply aren’t accurate or reliable anymore. Entering details on every single asset a company possesses takes time, and the asset scanner makes a huge impact on the time spent entering assets.

Thanks to the always-emerging technology introduced for asset tracking, it’s easier than ever scan barcodes at all times with an asset tracker. Because many businesses are becoming more mobile and its employees are out “in the field” more, having the ability to view an asset or record notes about an asset anytime, anywhere is a key feature for any asset tracking software.

Whenever an employee needs to pull up an entry in the asset database, all he/she needs to do is pull out their phone or tablet, open the camera app, and scan the code of the item in question with the built-in asset scanner. It really is that simple. So what can you record with that one click of the camera?
  • Where an asset is
  • Who has the asset
  • Check-in/check-out status
  • Full repair/maintenance history
  • Asset make/model/serial number
  • Date that the equipment was ordered and installed
  • Purchase/lease information
  • Depreciation statistics
  • Insurance policy details
  • GPS coordinates
  • Supporting documents such as photos, voice notes, and videos

When employees come to work, they expect technology that will support them and help them do their jobs better. They don’t want to have to wait until they’re back at the office to have access to the information they need right away. They don’t want to spend time hunting down assets that are lost, or question if the data in front of them is reliable. The asset scanner can remedy all of that.

The asset scanner has three widely-recognized benefits that have made such a difference for those who use them:

Cost savings. No additional hardware cost because the scanner is downloaded to employees own smartphones or tablets.

Worldwide reach. Smartphones and tablets are usable virtually anywhere. This is useful with employees out in the field who travel from location to location and need instant access to data on particular assets.

Speed and reliability.Barcode scanners scan faster than manually typing information into an online spreadsheet. The scan reduces the potential of errors from a mistyped letter or number, especially when there are many assets that need to be entered.

Asset Panda has simplified the process of tracking vital equipment and other assets throughout their entire lifecycle. With the built-in barcode asset scanner, customers have the ability to use the mobile devices they already carry to quickly enter and locate specific items they’ve logged into Asset Panda. Simple and efficient tracking can make a profound difference in a company’s bottom line; better resource management produces significant savings of time and money.

Asset Panda allows users to track where items are and what condition they’re in while allowing access to data needed by their accounting and compliance teams. Asset Panda offers free Android and iPhone/iPad apps that sync with the cloud – so no more costly, time-consuming spreadsheets. More accurate data, guards against loss and waste, eliminates guesswork, results in lower property taxes and potentially lower insurance costs, and provides better support for end users. Customers have round-the-clock access to the status of checked in/out items, receive notifications for required maintenance and communicate easily when an item requires repair or replacement.

In today’s competitive business environment, it is not enough to have an asset tracking system in place; you need one that’s accurate, portable, real-time and secure. The asset scanner will make a world of difference when it comes to asset tracking. Check out Asset Panda free for 14-days at and see how it will change the way you track vital assets for good.


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