Asset Tracking Resolutions for the New Year

As a new year approaches, businesses take a step back to look at how the past year has run and what they can do in the coming new year. Some might even make out their own list of “New Year Resolutions” with particular goals in mind. These most likely including things like: save money, make money, spend less time on unnecessary tasks, evaluate the workforce and who is doing what, and keep better track of what a company has and how they are using it. There is one particular tool that can help a company do all of that … and at a reasonable price! Businesses need to add asset tracking resolutions to their list of goals for the new year. And to get more specific, they need to consider adding Asset Panda’s asset tracking platform. Here’s why …

The Asset Panda asset tracking and management platform is the most flexible and customizable system in the industry for tracking and managing assets. The most outstanding feature of a tool like Asset Panda is that it gives organizations and industries, both large and small, a comprehensive, lifecycle view of their vital assets and equipment.

With its free mobile iOS and Android apps, Asset Panda offers an easy solution to any company’s asset tracking needs. Asset Panda strives to be what you want and need it to be – not what someone else thinks you need to manage your assets. Our apps sync with the cloud, which means your data is in real time all the time, day or night. In seconds, you can access any item’s check-in/check-out status, details about its condition, its maintenance history, insurance information, lease/purchase information, GPS location, depreciation and more.

With Asset Panda as your asset tracking partner, the cost savings add up quickly. Companies have eliminated the guesswork and frustration throughout their organization because employees no longer have to spend countless (and wasteful) hours searching for missing assets. Everyone can perform their job more confidently and with ease knowing that everything is in its correct place at the correct time – and if there’s any question, they can find the data they need instantly. And because Asset Panda requires only a smartphone, tablet, or the web, we don’t have hardware and software licenses to pay for upgrades. No separate expensive barcode scanners are required, which saves our customers repair and replacement costs. And one other automatic cost savings benefit to Asset Panda is having the assurance that you’re paying insurance for assets that are actually in your inventory.

Asset Panda features tracking capabilities like scheduling of routine maintenance; tracking by location, category, owner, serial or model number; ability to track non-traditional assets; custom electronic signature; custom notifications; tracking and monitoring the availability of equipment; and scheduling of testing and maintenance of parts/equipment replacements. The depth of this type of detailed information enables companies to make more informed decisions, eliminate guesswork and costly errors, and eliminate wasteful spending. Clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users unlike many asset tracking tools on the market, and users may add specific details in their custom entries, like repair and replacement costs, current condition and administrative information. And companies don’t need to worry about wasting valuable employee time trying to train them on a new asset tracking system. Asset Panda is built to be intuitive, so even the most technologically challenged employees will feel comfortable using it.

One user sums up his organization’s experience with Asset Panda by saying, “It is powerful, easy to use, very customizable to our specific needs, and very affordable compared to many other asset management programs available on the market today.” Maybe it’s time to add these asset tracking resolutions as well to your own new year’s plan for the coming year?

Make sure your #1 resolution is to try Asset Panda for free with a 14-day trial. You’ll instantly see what adding a partner like Asset Panda can do for your business. Visit today to get started.

Audra London

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