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You’ve probably heard the saying, “your business is only as good as the people behind it.” Many factors contribute to a successful in business. A sound strategy. A useful product or service. Efficient business operations. But at the end of the day, it falls to the people within the organization who execute on the strategies, plans, and processes to make a business successful. At Asset Panda, the commitment behind our asset tracking services relies on the customer service team our users interact with each and every day.

Why do Companies Choose Asset Panda?

Organizations that implement effective asset tracking solutions such as Asset Panda are seeing increased efficiency, greater accuracy in record-keeping, streamlined documentation coupled with substantial time savings, lower labor costs, etc. Employees are able to access real-time data on where assets/inventory are, who has what, check in/check out status, maintenance records and so much more.

Many users point to the fact that Asset Panda works the way they do, on devices they are already using, both online and through the free mobile app that syncs in the cloud. This industry-leading combination makes it easy for users to access the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they happen to be working.  Everyone within the organization has quick and easy on-demand access to pertinent details they need to know about their assets.

Another big benefit is that companies are saving time and money – and who doesn’t want to do that? Asset Panda has replaced outdated, costly, time-consuming spreadsheets by seamlessly integrating data into the platform. No more manually entering in serial numbers and risking errors that could take hours to fix. And by entering the right information, there is less chance that an asset is lost or misplaced and unable to be tracked, thereby saving replacement costs for an item that was there all along but entered incorrectly.

Asset Tracking Services Gets an A+

As a customer investing in any kind of product, one of the factors you should always look at is the customer service you will receive when once you make your purchase. You want to be sure that you can rely on constant and accurate support from a knowledgeable team behind the product. As technology evolves, access to solid customer support is a main part of the price you are willing to pay as a customer.

The support and customer service as part of your asset tracking service with Asset Panda is top-of-the line. Asset Panda features a world-class support team available to assist users. From video tutorials, call-in or live chat services to in-person step-by-step training from our knowledgeable and dedicated support team, Asset Panda’s customer support gives users that extra bit of help whether it’s setting up your system, system configuration, data migration, and much more.

Asset Panda is known for being a flexible and customizable platform that works how you work – and that includes the asset tracking services support our users receive.

Here are some comments from actual Asset Panda users about the asset tracking services from our customer support team that they’ve received since utilizing Asset Panda:

If I do have trouble or questions, Asset Panda support is always prompt and friendly.

I had the pleasure of working with the implementation of Asset Panda for the company. Customer support has been more than helpful in every aspect of her responsibilities. Support team's energy and enthusiastic approach to implementing this to my team was great. Their approach to implementation of the software was great.

I am rarely impressed with customer support, but hats off to Asset Panda team. Their training and on-call support has been fast, efficient, and polite.

The asset panda team has been amazing in their willingness to continue to improve the system based on our needs. Any time I've had anything go wrong, they've been able to resolve the issue within a weeks' time, usually less.

The sales and support staff at Asset Panda have been very responsive and extremely helpful. It was great working with customer support representative to get the product demonstrated and purchased and did an outstanding job helping us develop our platform and stand up the product. One of the customer support representatives was also a tremendous asset when it came to troubleshooting our issues.

The customer service is what sold me. The most friendly, honest and professional people. You will deal with 1 person who will walk you through setting up your trial period and will customize it to your needs in almost no time.

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