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A place for everything and everything in its place. If only this statement was true when it comes to asset tracking. Well guess what? It can be! Today’s asset tracking technology is more user friendly than ever before and many products don’t even require any training for employees. Tools like mobile barcode scanners, customized reporting, and flexible functionality are converting even the most pickiest of managers to realizing how easy managing assets can be with the right tool. One of the most simple pieces of the asset tracking process is the use of asset tracking stickers or labels to anything you need tracked. So how can a simple sticker make a difference?

Asset tagging is the process of using physical tags such as stickers or labels affixed to an asset. These appliques contain all the information one needs on the entire lifecycle of an asset from who has it, where it is, and the check in/check out status. Used in tandem with an asset tracking platform, asset tracking stickers or labels are beneficial in helping employees find equipment records such as when an asset was purchased and when it needs to be updated, keeps files regularly updated for audit time, and even maintains the equipment’s entire maintenance history which will be useful when evaluating the role the tool plays (or in some cases doesn’t play) in everyday operations.

There is no limit on what can be tracked with asset tracking stickers and labels. Physical assets like IT hardware, warehouse machinery, company vehicles, medical supplies, or even office furniture can be easily tracked with the appropriate tag. Used in conjunction with mobile barcode scanners that employees can access from their own smartphones or tablets, one scan of a dedicated asset sticker or label eliminates the need to sort through large amounts of potentially outdated information and gives users up-to-date data anytime and from anywhere.

Looking at the different types of asset tracking stickers and labels available can be a bit overwhelming. One of the most important elements to choose when selecting your stickers or labels is that it should be tamper-resistant. Research conducted by Kessler Forensic Accounting shows this sad statistic: 79% of employees will steal from their employers at least once, everything from office supplies and equipment to merchandise and intellectual property. Theft thrives when employees know you don’t have an effective inventory system and there are no identifying labels on an asset tying it to a company. So having a tamper resistant sticker or label on each asset can reduce theft while at the same time creating a detailed, real-time inventory.

Other important considerations when selecting the appropriate asset tracking stickers include:
What’s the weather? Are the assets outside frequently and need resistant stickers that can withstand different weather-related environments such as extreme cold or scorching heat?

Consider the surroundings. Similar to the weather conditions, what other factors do your assets come into contact with? Are they dropped frequently? Do they go underwater? Are they going to come in direct contact with other people, animals or landscapes that could harm/scratch/damage them? Could engraving or etching be a better selection than a simple sticker?

What is the size of the asset? Do you need to include the company logo or identification on sticker and will that leave enough room for the barcode or QR code to be included and scanned?

What material will your sticker or label be applied to? This can affect the different adhesive options you have. Plastic or aluminum? Screwed on or simple sticky backing? Evaluating your asset and what will stay affixed for the long haul will keep it your database and more easily tracked.

By affixing such a simple item as an asset tracking sticker or label, companies are saving on repeat and duplicate purchases of assets. It also saves valuable employee time from having to search for assets or figure out where an asset is, who has it and when it might be checked back in for the next user.

Asset Panda has become the go-to platform when it comes to finding the right asset tracking product. Asset Panda offers users everything they need to track the entire lifecycle of every one of their vital assets. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner. From the custom dashboard, custom fields and custom notifications and alerts to custom security settings, sortable columns and custom asset listing views, you have control over how your data is displayed. And the app is flexible enough to incorporate additional technologies as they become available in the future.

There’s no need for additional hardware or software, and no cap on users – add as many as you’d like for no additional charge. That means you can bring all of your stakeholders into the communication loop, increasing accountability, transparency and accuracy throughout your entire organization.

Give Asset Panda a try with a free 14-day trial and get all your assets in their right place. Visit today to get started.

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