Avoid the Frustration of Searching for Lost Items with Inventory Tracking

Have you ever lost track of something you really needed? Just as you are looking for it, you realize you haven't seen it in quite some time. You spent a few minutes, maybe even an hour looking for what you need, feeling your anger build up with the more time that passes by. The frustration you feel as you search for your item could be avoided if you had spent a little bit of time tracking it from place to place.

Inventory tracking works on a similar idea. As a business, you can't afford to lose track of your inventory. Many product-based businesses need to keep track of their inventory of goods because their inventory is made of items that bring in a profit.

There are several methods you can use for inventory tracking. Depending on the size of your business, you might want to invest in some software to help you figure out the best tracking system for your needs.

However, not all software programs are created equal. Depending on the type of business you run, you might want to see if there are some programs specific to your industry. Retail software programs won't have the features a construction company would require and vice versa.

Or, you'll want to invest in a platform that is customizable and easy to change to meet your needs.

Asset Panda was created with that exact purpose in mind. Even if you go with a software program designed for inventory tracking in your industry, there's no guarantee it'll have the features you need. The best solution is to use a program complete with many of the features you'll use on a regular basis and one that can change to meet needs you'll discover during the inventory tracking process.

Our platform was created with flexibility in mind. We know that your business changes with your demand and you have to be able to adapt your tools to meet those differing needs.

We know you have several employees involved in the inventory process. Your point of sale records has to match up with your inventory records. Managers and stock employees all need to have access to your inventory records so they can make sure stock matches up with it. With Asset Panda, you can add several people to your inventory database with ease.

Our mobile platform makes it easy for all of your employees to access your inventory records. Most of them have their smartphones with them at all times, so they can use it to pull up relevant information on your inventory database. They'll also be able to help you keep your records up to date by saving changes in the platform as they happen.

You also have the ability to add custom fields to inventory records. If you don't see a spot for the type of information you need to save, you can add a field for it. Once you have these fields set up, you can also set up email alerts, so you'll be notified every time a change is made. You won't have to constantly check in with your employees to see what changes were made to the inventory records. Our cloud-based platform makes it easy for you to log into the system from anywhere at any time.

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Bree Brouwer

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