Barcode Asset Tracking

The world is filled with technology designed to make our lives easier, and today, employees expect technology that will support them and help them do their jobs better. As businesses grow and become more widespread across the country or even around the globe, it is critical to know the exact location, quantity and condition of your inventory. Barcode asset tracking is important for inventory management as well as keeping track of fixed assets like laptops, vehicles and equipment that can often go missing due to employee error or even theft.

In the not so distant past, asset tracking meant entering a product’s data into a computer manually. Records were a mess. Data was incorrect or even out of date by the time it was finally entered. And let’s not forget the disastrous results when several people were entering data in at the same time into one Excel spreadsheet. One little omission, wrong key punch or incorrect code could destroy weeks, months, or even years of data. But those days are now just a distant memory thanks to barcode asset tracking from Asset Panda.

Many companies are finding that barcode asset tracking integrates well with existing software and has really proven to increase efficiency among its workers. When your barcode scanner is tied to an asset tracking app, the entire lifecycle of each of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand. You’re able to access your data anytime, anywhere within seconds – and you can rest assured that it’s accurate.

Barcodes can hold extensive data about the assets they’re attached to and are substantially more efficient and accurate than manual asset tracking. By building up a database in real time with barcode asset tracking instead of having someone manually enter in all of the information, you have better data with which to run your business.

From your smartphone or tablet, you’re able to enter and view such information as check in/check out status, maintenance schedule, purchase/lease information, depreciation statistics, to name but a few. Tying the asset tracking function to a mobile app provides immediate, real-time and accurate results and saves companies significant time and money while promoting accountability.

By utilizing Asset Panda’s barcode asset tracking capabilities, everything clients need to track the complete lifecycle of their assets is instantly within reach. Our free iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, delivering real-time, accurate data 24 hours a day. Without the additional charge of a separate mobile barcode scanner – or any additional hardware or software — you don’t have to limit the number of stakeholders included in your communication loop.

Asset Panda entitles clients to an unlimited number of users at no extra change, and no additional hardware or software is needed to use the tool, which means we’re able to offer our clients the most powerful mobile asset tracking system in the world at an extremely competitive price point. Every one of our accounts is a premium account, meaning that every client has access to our robust and continually growing features list.  Technology must be easy to use, or your employees won’t support it. Asset Panda is extremely user-friendly, with a simple and flexible user interface, custom dashboard, sortable columns, user configurable views, custom reports, built-in search and many more features designed with the needs of our clients in mind.

Asset Panda was built on the philosophy that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want, from the devices they already use, whether it’s online or via the free mobile app. Try it yourself with a free 14-day trial, and you’ll understand why some of the biggest brands trust Asset Panda for their asset tracking needs. For details, visit

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