Barcode Software Asset Tracking Benefits Companies of Every Size & Industry

Tracking and managing your assets used to be time-consuming, frustrating and error-prone – that is, before barcode software asset tracking products made life easier. With modern technology, there simply isn’t any good reason why you should have to continue spinning your wheels hunting down lost or stolen assets, or spend inordinate amounts of money on assets that have broken down prematurely due to poor maintenance tracking.

A lot of companies and organizations are under the impression that they don’t need barcode software asset tracking because they don’t have a large number of employees or locations, or they think they don’t have enough assets to justify a tracking and management system. That’s a common misconception, however. Regardless of whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or a global brand, you’ve got a lot of moving parts to manage, and a barcode software asset tracking system can relieve you of what traditionally has been a difficult task to manage with accuracy. Whether you’re a large or small entity, you’ve got a lot of tasks to manage over the course of an average day. Hunting down lost assets shouldn’t compromise your employees’ productivity. Nor should your productivity come to a screeching halt when a valuable piece of equipment breaks down.

Barcode software asset tracking doesn’t just manage asset location and condition. It also helps companies and organizations stay on top of equipment refreshment schedules, so they can better budget their needs for the coming year; provide accurate depreciation figures for accounting and compliance purposes, and therefore save on their insurance costs; and increase accountability through the creation and maintenance of a communication loop in which everyone knows who has what and for how long.

In the past, organizations relied on Excel spreadsheets or pen and paper to manage all of these moving parts. The trouble is, those are tools are unreliable, static and prone to errors. You can’t consolidate edits when you’ve got multiple employees tracking assets with Excel. Nor does Excel provide you a means to monitor data in real time. It’s incredibly easy to overlook a detail, enter a typo or make some other mistake with Excel, which cwwan in turn throw off your records and cost you come tax time. When employees have to spend time hunting down items, that’s costly for their respective organizations in terms of time and morale, as it can result in a lot of frustration.

Some companies have graduated from manual processes, using some combination of software and handheld scanners to track and manage their assets. Manual scanners can be expensive and are prone to break down. They’re typically limited in number within any organization, so employees have to pass them around. That means extra time and, potentially, loss and occasional theft. Your best bet is an all-in-one solution that doesn’t require any additional hardware to use.

Asset Panda fits that bill with the most powerful barcode software asset tracking platform available today. At the same time, it couldn’t be simpler to use. It’s powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner, so you don’t need any additional hardware to use the tool – only the smartphones and tablets you and your employees already carry. Because it syncs with the cloud, Asset Panda always serves up your data in real time, and you can add as many users as you’d like for no additional cost, so you can bring every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of your assets into the communication loop for maximum accountability and accuracy.

Asset Panda’s completely customizable features allow you to track and manage your assets any way you want, and the platform is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available in the future. Your employees won’t need any special training to get up to speed with Asset Panda; it’s incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.

The best way understand what Asset Panda’s barcode software asset tracking platform can do for you is to try it free for 14 days. To learn more or to get started, visit



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