Building a Smart Police Impound Database with Asset Management

Towing and impounding is a major part of daily operations for police agencies across the country. For instance, cities like Ann Arbor, Mich., have reported several thousand impounds per year, with the numbers only growing as DUI checkpoints and snares seek to keep unsafe drivers off the road. For those in charge of impound operations, having a strong asset tracking system can make your like considerably easier when dealing with requisitions, requests for releases, and even the care and maintenance of tow trucks and other assets.

The Importance of a Database

The towing business isn't only about hauling and releasing. In between these phases, storing and cataloguing seized vehicles for police departments is a vital part of the process. To reduce confusion and add clarity to these proceedings, Asset Panda can help your department create a complete and comprehensive listing of all the vehicles currently detained. This fixed asset management approach begins with custom entries that can detail seizure dates, as well as any repairs or damages currently attributed to the vehicles.

As owners and state agents claim and release cars, noting and removing these assets from the database can ensure a transparent and up to date listing for later reference. For members of the police department and employees at the towing agency, anything that can speed up and simplify the impounding process is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


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