Cheap Inventory Checking: Read the Fine Print

Is there such a thing as cheap inventory checking? Sure – it’s called pen and paper, or you can use an Excel spreadsheet if you prefer. Unfortunately, however, what starts cheap becomes very expensive, and fast. Manual processes are an unreliable way to track and manage one of your most critical investments: your inventory. Why? In short, humans. Mistakes will happen even for the best-intentioned employee. A missed keystroke, typo, duplication of effort or simple oversight can throw off your records. That can be especially costly given that you’re required to report depreciation and inflation figures for accounting and compliance purposes. And, if you’ve assigned multiple employees to the task of maintaining those records, you can’t consolidate them with ease – another opportunity for error. Manual recordkeeping also leaves the door open to theft and loss that remain undetected. Some companies continue to spend thousands to ensure “ghost assets,” or assets that have long been gone but were never reported. When it comes time to hunt down any piece of information about your inventory, without accurate and timely records, your employees are left spinning their wheels for hours. That’s wasted time, reduced productivity and lots of frustration. The need for a more automated and reliable system is clear. “Cheap” inventory tracking simply isn’t worth the ultimate cost to your bottom line.

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to track and manage your inventory the right way. You simply need a solution that delivers maximum power and flexibility in a streamlined manner, which helps cut your costs without sacrificing quality. Asset Panda invested years of research and development in introducing a mobile solution that does just that. Our free mobile iOS and Android app is the most powerful inventory tracking platform in the world. And yet, it’s incredibly simple and intuitive – so easy to use that even the most technologically gun shy employee can use it with ease and confidence. No special training is required.

The Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, ensuring that your data is served up in real-time, all the time – whether it’s 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. You won’t need any additional hardware, software or expensive software licenses to use Asset Panda. It includes a built-in mobile barcode scanner, so there’s no need for a separate handheld scanner to upload your inventory. You’re entitled to an unlimited number of users, empowering you to loop in all of your stakeholders, without concern for cost. When everyone’s communicating, accountability and accuracy increase throughout your entire organization.

Asset Panda’s Inventory Management Module makes it easy to track the ever-changing values of your inventory items. You can also monitor such vital information as to whether you’ve already purchased an item, the location, and condition of any item, its maintenance history, and the identity of the person who has it. It’s easy to zoom in or out on your data, create reports and, ultimately, make much more informed inventory decisions. Guesswork is a thing of the past.

Our streamlined, yet powerful platform is completely customizable; you decide how your information is displayed and organized.  Asset Panda adapts to how you work today, and for years to come; our technology is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available in the future.

Imagine your inventory and your business – all consolidated in the palm of your hand. Try Asset Panda free for 14 days, and see how this incredible mobile platform can be a game-changer for your business. For more information or to get started, go to


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