3 Ways Using Cheap Software For Tracking Inventory Costs You Big Time

When it comes to choosing software for tracking inventory, the cost is one of the most important factors of all. Many companies want to make sure they choose the most cost-effective solution available to them on the market today.

However, only looking at cost alone shortchanges your business-making decisions. Here are some areas in which your business will suffer if cost is the only determining factor for which software program you choose to manage your inventory.

Security Threats Can Destroy Data and Functionality

Going with the cheapest option is a quick way to threaten your data integrity. In order to sell software programs at a lower price, many developers have to cut corners in order to still make a profit. One corner you don't want cutting is your company data. Whether you deal with hundreds of products or provide services to your clients, data security is important to them. If you can't guarantee their information is safe with you, they will likely take their business elsewhere.


"Going with the cheapest option is a quick way to threaten your data integrity."


Cheap Software For Tracking Inventory Can Take a Lot of Time to Set Up

The cheap software can also be difficult to figure out. Another way developers can afford to sell cheap software is by leaving out key functionalities, important training instructions, or even by not optimizing their product's ease-of-use for a variety of customers. This can be problematic when your company only has so much time to switch systems. Depending on how large your company is, your team might have to come up with training materials on the fly. The more time you spend trying to set up new software for tracking inventory, the more you end up paying for man-hours. In the end, you could be spending much more than you are saving.

Disconnected Software Means Your Company Doesn't Have the Full Picture

Software that isn't integrated with all aspects of your company can end up being a huge problem. It's unlikely all of your departments will use inventory tracking software in their day-to-day tasks. But the amount of inventory you have on hand still impacts their jobs. From making quarterly budgets to preparing for audits, all of your employees need to know what your company has on hand. If your software isn't integrated with all your systems in a secure way, this just isn't possible.

Fortunately, Asset Panda is a great way for you to keep up with evolving software strategies. Our platform is set up to integrate with a number of other platforms, which means your inventory information can be available from all of the systems you use. We also created our platform to be intuitive and easy to set up, so your team doesn't have to spend dozens of hours trying to figure out how it works. And if you encounter any problems in setting up the platform, our customer service team will be happy to help you.

As an example, the Seattle Mariners use Asset Panda to manage items in their museum section. They use our software to track which items are shelved, boxed, or on display. This enables them to show patrons around and take them to the exact items they want to see, instead of wasting time rummaging through boxes.

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